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What is the practical purpose of a Custom Function setting to swap the half-press shutter button and the AE lock button operation? [duplicate]

Some cameras let you swap the function of the half pressed shutter button and the AE lock back button, in my T2i, the setting 1 at the CFn9 menu lets you do that. Why would I want to use the AElock ...
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Not understanding the benefits of AF-ON button or option in the menu [duplicate]

I am simply not understanding the benefit of this feature. From a YouTube tutorial I learned about AF-ON button on few cameras. In my camera (Nikon D5600), it is located under: Autofocus Settings -&...
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How can one learn to shoot with both eyes open, and what are the advantages?

Greg made an intriguing comment in this answer (emphasis mine): One of the things we're supposed to do when we're shooting is keep both eyes open; That helps avoid fatigue from shooting for hours, ...
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How do I use spot metering?

What's the right way to use spot metering? Is it better to use in manual mode than one of the priority modes? There's a question about when to use spot metering, but none that serves as a tutorial to ...
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Why does my camera hesitate when shooting?

It seems like when I take a picture, the end result is not the picture I wanted because it hesitated and took too long. I have a Nikon D3300 and just use the auto focus. What am I doing wrong?
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When would one need manual focus override?

In lens reviews, ability to override auto-focus manually is often referred to as a good (and important) feature. I have rarely, if ever used that feature, so I feel I might be missing out on an ...
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With the advantages of an AF-ON button, why don't all DSLRs have one?

I've just updated my body from Nikon D40X to Nikon D300 and realized that the D300 has a AF-ON button on the rear of body. That button's feature do the same as half-pressing shutter button, which ...
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What camera settings should I use for NASCAR night racing?

I am attending the Coca Cola 600 NASCAR race next weekend in Charlotte, NC. Much of the race will be after dark, illuminated by the track lighting. I will be using a Nikon D-80 with an AF-S Nikkor 55-...
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How does one track action with a fast telephoto prime lens?

With my normal-range prime lenses, I tend to shoot with both eyes open — what I see in the viewfinder has a high correspondence to what I see with my other eye. With my 70mm (105mm in 35mm-equivalent ...
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Why does using the viewfinder on my Nikon D3200 prevent autofocus from locking and the shutter from releasing?

I just bought the camera less than a week ago and I was happy with it until things went wrong. I woke up one morning to take photos and noticed that when I pressed the shutter button, it didn't ...
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Is back-button autofocus possible on the Nikon D7000?

A while back I asked about the purpose of back-button autofocus and got several answers. The Nikon D7000 lacks the "AF ON" button that's present in some higher-end cameras. Is it possible to use ...
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Force picture in continuous autofocus mode - Canon Rebel T3

I have a Canon Rebel T3, and I'm very new to photography. I recently got a new close up filter that goes on top of my 18-55 lens (this question also applies with any lens I have). I hold the shutter ...
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