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How could I have counteracted purple lighting?

I recently shot an event using just a standard Nikon D3200 with kit lens. Nothing special, but it did the job. The only obstacle was that the event made heavy use of a strong purple lighting which ...
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Why do RAW images look worse than JPEGs in editing programs?

I've found that when you load a RAW image into an editing program such as Lightroom/Aperture, the image is usually worse than if you just took the image as JPEG. Now I understand that the camera does ...
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Blown out blue/red light making photos look out of focus

I've only recently started taking photos and got into shooting concerts in a small venue that has neither a pit, nor proper lighting. All they use is some kind of simple LED array. The thing is ...
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What *exactly* is white balance?

When setting a white balance configuration, we adjust the temperature and green-magenta shift to a wavelength-intensity distribution of light that correlates most closely with the actual distribution ...
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How do I diagnose the source of blurry photos?

Probably a novice question, but how do I correctly diagnose from a photo for what reason that camera wasn't able to focus properly? Or tell if the image was blurry for some reason other than incorrect ...
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I'm having trouble getting sharp pictures while shooting a concert from a press pass location

I am a bit of a noob when it comes to photography. But I recently got the opportunity to shoot John Mayer this past weekend in Wisconsin. Upon getting home, I noticed the pictures weren't as sharp ...
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How to correct yellowish pictures under fluorescent lighting on a digital camera?

What can I do about some of my pictures turning yellowish under fluorescent lights - I can not turn the lights off - judo lessons for my grandson in school gym. I am using the Canon Rebel XSI (450D) ...
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Best ways of photographing at a concert/festival

Lighting at concerts is usually very difficult to manage. My photos always end up blurry/needing an awful lot of post-processing afterwards. What would be the objective best way to shoot these ...
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How do I find the right white balance value to set in my camera?

As I understand White Balancing means - making a particular color look as it should have been irrespective of what color the Ambient Light is. i.e A white paper must look white not blueish grey(cool) ...
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What are appropriate lenses for concert photography?

I have just purchased a full frame Nikon D800 and wonder which are the most appropriate Nikon lenses for shooting in concerts. The concerts are always indoors, at night, with the artist's light ...
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Why do my studio shoots usually end up fuzzy? [closed]

I have been into photography for about a year now. I am very grateful I can use a studio of the local photographer here. Together we have build a cyclorama wall and the photo shoots are going pretty ...
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Why and how capturing RAW image instead of JPEG helps with editing [duplicate]

Often I heard photographers say that RAW is used for editing photos. I have used Adobe Photoshop Lightroom before and I don't see how capturing RAW helps. Can anyone explain how capturing RAW helps ...
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What does it mean when color channels clip?

I know about color channels. They represent the amount of color (light) in a photo. Usually in red, blue and yellow or red, blue and green. Black and white only has a greyscale channel. Setting the ...
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Match colors in Lightroom to other editing tools [duplicate]

I noticed that sometimes Lightroom develops a raw image quite differently from my Canon camera or DPP (Digital Photo Professional by Canon). Even if in 90% of the cases I'm happy with Lightroom, in ...
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Best Lens & Camera settings for dance concert with average lighting [duplicate]

I take photos as a hobby and the last 2 years have photographed our annual dance concerts however i would love to improve the quality of my photos. I own a canon EOS 500d and would like some advice on ...
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