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When should I upgrade my camera body?

As the question says, when should I upgrade my camera body? In particular, if I have a low- to mid-range body (A DSLR such as a Nikon D3200 or Nikon D5100, or Canon SL1 or T5, or a mirrorless camera ...
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Lots of noise in my hockey pictures. What am I doing wrong?

I often take pictures of hockey players but they have a lot of noise and look very bad. I guess my lens doesn't have a big enough aperture, but I'd like to know what I could do to take better shots. I ...
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Is it really better to shoot at full-stop ISOs?

The second half of this answer says Notice that I only shot full-stop ISO which is important with Canon DSLRs because the gain to obtain the 1/3 stops in between is applied in software by the ...
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Canon 5D Mk II shoots only at 2.1 FPS burst instead of 3.9 claimed, why?

I've timed my 5D Mk II at 2.1 FPS during burst shooting, which is way lower than 3.9 FPS promised by Canon. This time does not depend on image quality / size so I assume memory card is not a limiting ...
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Is analog gain really actually power-of-two only?

Context I'm using a Nikon D5200, which features extra ISO values between powers of two, that the Nikon D60 did not offer. D60 offers 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 (1-stop interval). D5200 offers two ...
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Which Canon lens would be better to capture high school wrestling, 55-250 STM or 70-300 IS II USM?

I have a Canon T7i. I was told either the Canon 55-250 STM or the 70-300 IS II USM would be good to shoot high school wrestling. I am still confused, there’s a bit of a price difference. Which would ...
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d7200 sports settings [duplicate]

I have recently bought a D7200 . I am wanting to use it to photograph my girls football games. I set it to S mode and put the side dial so Cl but they all cam out really dark. Any help would be ...
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Nikon D300s, Tamron 70-200 2.8 lens, Suggestions for low light settings for Gymnastics and HS soccer,

I have a Nikon D300S and have been taking pictures of my son's soccer team since they were 10. Well, this past fall I was really having a hard time with capturing decent pictures, was using a 70-300 4....
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Good DSLR camera for ice hockey pictures [duplicate]

My son just started hockey and my pictures are very dark and grainy. The lights are dim. Was looking to get another camera and lens to take better pictures. Would like to stay under $5,000. Any ...
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What can I do to improve my blurry indoor hockey photos?

I’m an amateur and just starting shooting my grandsons hockey. I’m using Nikon 18-300 f3.5 lens. My settings were 1/1000 f9 iso 5000 as it’s dark inside. Focus mode AF-C and dynamic area mode. The ...
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