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How to avoid star-trails [duplicate]

I have a Nikon D3300 and I want to do astro-photography. I have a 50mm prime lens and by the 500 Rule, I can click only up to 6.6 seconds without having star trails. Any idea how I can do it without ...
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How can I avoid star trails? [duplicate]

When shooting deep sky objects such as Andromeda or the Orion nebula, I find that I'm between a rock and a hard place. I can get passable results by running 3600 ISO and four second exposure. Any ...
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Milky way photography without startrails [duplicate]

I am from sri lanka. I want to photograph milky way. Canon 750D EFS 18-135 lens I know that i should increase aperture & increase iso. What should be the shutter speed for this camera to ...
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Astrophotography without a Star Tracker [duplicate]

I'm into Astrophotography lately. I'm using a Canon 550D with kit-lens. 1) I found there was a displacement of stars (obviously) in the picture that I stacked. How to solve this as I don't use a ...
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How do you photograph a lunar eclipse?

Tonight is the night of a lunar eclipse, and I'm curious, what kinds of tips do you guys have for photographing one? I'd like solutions for both consumer-grade equipment, as well as DSLRs, so that ...
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Multiple copies of the same exposure, but randomizing the noise?

As a budding astrophotographer, I find my results are still largely hit or miss. Sometimes the standard procedure of stacking multiple exposures to randomize the noise and boost the signal works ...
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How do the stars in this photo appear without star trails even at a long shutter speed?

I found an image of the night sky taken by James Sainty at It has the following EXIF metadata: ...
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What's the best technique and kit for taking a picture of the Milky Way in a nearly pitch black landscape?

I've tried but I don't think my kit is good enough. How do you take pictures of something like the milky way? And if you've never actually SEEN the milky way, then you definitely MUST take a trip to ...
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How were these Astronomy Photographer of the Year images produced?

Looking at the winner of Astronomy Photographer of the Year, I'm wondering, how can one produce shots like these:
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What times and settings should I use for taking pictures of stars at night and falling stars?

The season of the falling stars started and I want to try to achieve some picture of stars and falling one too. I see a lot of picture with a immense number of stars but they are still. Now I'm ...
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Why exactly do "CMOS astrophotographers" prefer CMOS sensors?

This answer to How can I avoid star trails without an expensive tracking mount? is consistent with this answer to What is synthetic tracking, and why would a 35 cm Earth imager be 10-30x better than ...
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Can I combine two photos to get a good image of a non-full moon?

Is there a good combo of longer exposure and shorter exposure that I can use to get two photos of the moon that I can then combine to show the sun-lit side and the earth-lit side together so I have ...
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Can motorized "panorama/timelapse" tripod heads be used as astro trackers?

Motorized tripod heads, like the Mantona Turnaround or Movo Photo MTP-11, seem to be popular and inexpensive currently. Can these be used as an alternative to expensive sky tracking mounts for ...
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Making photos of Milky way

I'm new in this photography thing. I have a mission that I want to take photo of the milky way. Can someone assist me to do so? I try using the tips from the internet, but no luck. Maybe the light ...
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Stars at night without long shutter speed lines

I've seen breathtaking milky way photos that have no trail/streaks which of course I always get when shooting my DSLR at 30 seconds or longer - I can't find a clear answer that doesn't include using ...
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