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Better camera over the smartphone [duplicate]

I am not a professional photographer, but I travel a lot, and I want to be able to take better photos on the way. Currently Im using my smartphone - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I want to buy a camera for ...
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Is the iPhone 4S camera good enough to serve as one's "everyday-carry"?

I'd like to have a camera with me at all times, but my DSLR is often too bulky. For some time now, I have tried cell phones as a compact camera substitutes, but with limited success. Often, the ...
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Why are larger sensors better at low light?

The top answer of What point and shoots are good in low light conditions? says that (1) a fast lens/wide aperture (2) reasonable ISO 400+ handling and (3) a large sensor when put together are critical ...
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What should I look for when shopping for my first mirrorless camera?

I'm looking to buy a new camera. I've looked at What do I need to consider to choose between dSLR, mirrorless, or a compact as my first "serious" camera? and decided that mirrorless is right ...
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Are mirror-less cameras good enough to buy instead of a DSLR for home/amateur use?

I'm an amateur photographer looking to buy a camera for my home use. I called myself "photographer" just because I actually can press the button and take a photo! My first digital camera was VGA ...
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What is the difference between a point-and-shoot and a mirrorless?

Both point-and-shoot camera and mirrorless cameras seems to be mostly similar in the way they work. So, What are the differences between a point and shoot and a mirrorless camera? Is a mirrorless ...
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Why does it seem like large sensors are necessary for good low-light performance?

Phone manufacturers have recently started advertising the size of the photosites on smartphone camera sensors. They argue that larger photosites lead to better low-light performance. I think a good ...
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What are the advantages of a low-cost compact camera vs. a high-end smartphone for photography?

I know that there are some expensive ($300 and up) compact camera that can take nice photos. My question is about compact cameras in the $150-200 range vs. high-end Android phones (Galaxy s7, Huawei ...
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Which camera should be recommended to the non photographers who insist on getting a DSLR for daily life photography?

Some people have asked me to suggest them a DSLR for taking photographs of their family and day to day life. These people are not interested in learning photography. It seems they are under an ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of compact cameras vs phone cameras?

I'm an amateur photographer and am very curious about what the benefits of spending money for a compact camera as compared to my iPhone5s/Samsung phone cameras are. I've did some preliminary research ...
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