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Good examples of RAW's advantages over JPEG?

I'm curious to see some real examples of where simply capturing the same photo in RAW (and being processed by someone who can do it justice) has significantly improved the photo at the end of the ...
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Given an image how to identify whether it is RAW file or not

I'm a much like beginner level, so pardon me if this is a very basic silly question. Once I've a JPEG photograph image file, how can I find out whether it is a RAW file or not?
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Can you "open" RAW camera files? [closed]

I was having a conversation with my father who used to be a photographer, and I said “when I open a raw file…” He interrupted me and said, "you can never open a raw file, the editing software ...
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While shooting in RAW, do you have to post-process it to make the picture look good?

I always shoot in RAW. But I take lots of pictures, when I am out shooting I might come home with 600+ pictures. Many of these pics are copies of the same motive, but with different aperture, shutter, ...
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RAW files store 3 colors per pixel, or only one?

Ken Rockwell says that camera makers consider the individual R/G/B sensors when they talk about megapixels. So the image below would be a 6x6 pixel camera, not 3x3 as you would imagine. If that's ...
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Why is my camera so forgiving for overblown exposure when shooting in RAW?

I've found that my camera (Sony A99) is very forgiving in terms of overexposure when shooting in RAW. By that I mean, I can overexposure by a stop or so and when I get home for the post processing I ...
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Blown out blue/red light making photos look out of focus

I've only recently started taking photos and got into shooting concerts in a small venue that has neither a pit, nor proper lighting. All they use is some kind of simple LED array. The thing is ...
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Why does the histogram of an image depends on the software that opened it?

If I open a raw image in Photoshop and Paintshop pro their histograms and their look is different. However, if I open a Jpeg image in both Software, then their histogram and look is the same. What ...
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Why can software correct white balance more accurately for RAW files than it can with JPEGs?

Why are post-processing JPEG white balance corrections not as accurate as white balance with Raw? My understanding is that when shooting jpeg the camera internally does the following steps: Convert ...
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How sharp are RAW photos before processing?

Are RAW images by nature slightly blurry prior to processing? If I open them up in Lightroom and zoom into the photo, my photos are not tack sharp but a bit blurry. Once I process, it comes out ...
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Which file format is recommended for black and white photographs?

In which file format should I shoot black and white photographs? Everything I found on the internet was about black and white image scans and general image file formats.
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Why does the quality of photos shot in RAW change after a few seconds when viewing them on a computer?

I have been taking a photo class for the past month or so and the professor told us to shoot in raw for a few assignments. When I view the pictures shot in RAW (on a canon rebel t7) on my computer, ...
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Opening NEF files on windows initially open fine but then change contrast

I have a strange issue with Windows 10 When I open .nef files they load fine. However after a second or two the contrast changes noticeably. I tried ...
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Why does an X megapixel sensor produce X MB of data (in image files)?

Suppose I have 1 mega pixel sensor, it means I have 1*10^6 (1 mega) pixels. If and only if each pixel represent the density of his color in 8 bit depth, so 8 bit = 1 byte, means each pixel is 1 byte ...
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Does a RAW file in Photoshop contains all the data only while in Camera RAW or at all times in Photoshop?

So I open a RAW photo to edit in Photoshop, it opens the Camera RAW editor to select exposures and other meters. Once those are selected, I can open the image or open it as smart object. My question ...
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