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Is there a difference between taking a far shot on a 50mm lens and a close shot on a 35mm lens?

I am looking for a prime lens to pick up, and I'm wondering if there is any difference between 35mm and 50mm in terms of the end product if I just stand back more with the 50mm. I use the Sony a6000 ...
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How can a smartphone take pictures of a landscape with everything in focus?

After the announcement of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 with the new camera that changes aperture, I caught myself wondering: if smartphones have such a wide aperture (f/2.8, f/2.2, etc), how are ...
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How does crop factor affect perspective?

I have a question about crop factor and how it affects the perspective. Suppose you have one Super 35 camera and one APS-C camera. As far as I understand, to photograph the same image on the APS-C ...
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What is the difference between perspective distortion and barrel or pincushion distortion?

I've heard of: perspective distortion barrel distortion pincushion distortion mustache distortion What are these different types of distortion, and how do they relate? What causes them, and can they ...
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Does wide angle equivalent in crop sensor skew image?

I see many posts on both this forum and elsewhere the discuss the use of a wide angle on a crop sensor. For example, they discuss how at 14mm lens is 14mm on a 35mm film or full frame, but with a 1....
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Do I need a telephoto lens to make objects in the distance appear closer? [duplicate]

I have seen some photos where a far-away object looks much bigger compared to nearby objects. Apparently this is called lens compression and it has to do with the focal length of a lens. How can I ...
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relationship between focal length, perspective projection and camera distance

This page here describes that the focal length does not result in perspective distortion, while this page here describes if you increase the focal length and camera distance to infinity then it ...
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Will 50mm f1.4 and 85mm f1.8 lenses produce the same bokeh, given the same framing?

I have recently upgraded from a DX Body (Nikon D3300) to a FX body (Nikon D750) and also I have Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 & Sigma 150-600mm Sport lenses. While I was using the DX body, I had a Nikon ...
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does the focal length change the perspective at a given distance? [duplicate]

Situation A: 25mm lense, subject at 5 meters. Take a shot with the Subject covering half of the sensor. Situation B: 50mm lense, subject at 5 meters, Take a shot with the Subject covering the Whole ...
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Choose between 35mm and 50mm for Nikon D5500 [duplicate]

A few months ago I bought a Nikon D5500, now I want to buy a 50 mm lens, but I just discovered the meaning of DX on my camera. So on the lens reviews I read that if I buy a 50mm to my D5500 it would ...
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How does crop factor apply on lenses? [duplicate]

I understand that the crop factor of a sensor multiplied by the focal length of the lens equals the focal length of an equivalent 35mm lens. Also, there are well known differences between wide, ...
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How does background blur and DoF vary with sensor size for a prime lens?

Let's assume I have a prime lens for full frame, with fixed specs (let's say 85mm f/1.8). Changing the lens is not an option, but I have a choice of a full frame camera and a crop sensor camera. The ...
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