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Dance photography [duplicate]

I want to take photos of my son who will be dancing at a theatre. The lighting will be changing according to the scene. I need help with the setting in my camera. What settings should i use? I have a ...
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What should my plan be for photographing in a nightclub setting?

I'm going to be photographing in a club setting. Imagine a foggy atmosphere, with a lighting nightmare: everything from strobe lights to colored spotlights and everything in between, both bright and ...
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What features should one look for when selecting a flash?

I have been thinking of getting a flash to improve my low light photography (particularly indoors). However, there seem to be a number of different models available at similar price points (budget of ...
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Can a laser pointer damage the sensor in a digital camera?

I once experimented with standing in a dark room and directing a laser pointer towards my digital camera with a long shutter speed while moving the two about. I made a few images that way; one was ...
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Blown out blue/red light making photos look out of focus

I've only recently started taking photos and got into shooting concerts in a small venue that has neither a pit, nor proper lighting. All they use is some kind of simple LED array. The thing is ...
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What does the AE/AF lock button do that half-pressing the shutter doesn't?

The Sony A6000 has an AEL button, while Nikon SLRs have an AE/AF lock button. What do these do that half-pressing the shutter to lock focus and exposure, and then recomposing, doesn't? I'm used to the ...
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How do I reduce blurriness when shooting dancers on stage?

I am taking pictures of performers on stage. Sometimes they have tungsten lighting, but then they can also have funky color lights of all sorts go off at them. Here is a Flickr Album of the pictures ...
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When should I use exposure compensation?

When should I use exposure compensation, rather than ISO, shutter speed or aperture?
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I'm having trouble getting sharp pictures while shooting a concert from a press pass location

I am a bit of a noob when it comes to photography. But I recently got the opportunity to shoot John Mayer this past weekend in Wisconsin. Upon getting home, I noticed the pictures weren't as sharp ...
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Best ways of photographing at a concert/festival

Lighting at concerts is usually very difficult to manage. My photos always end up blurry/needing an awful lot of post-processing afterwards. What would be the objective best way to shoot these ...
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Nightclubs photography, setup to capture the real mood and atmosphere?

I was hired to photograph at a nightclub on Friday. I've never done this before, and I do not have any specification for the moment. I'd like to be able to capture the atmosphere at the right moment, ...
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What went wrong with this concert photo and what could I have done to make it better?

I have just started learning and practicing and went out shooting for practice in a local concert at a small bar. Most of my photos have turned out terrible and most of them similar have similar ...
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With the advantages of an AF-ON button, why don't all DSLRs have one?

I've just updated my body from Nikon D40X to Nikon D300 and realized that the D300 has a AF-ON button on the rear of body. That button's feature do the same as half-pressing shutter button, which ...
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What are appropriate lenses for concert photography?

I have just purchased a full frame Nikon D800 and wonder which are the most appropriate Nikon lenses for shooting in concerts. The concerts are always indoors, at night, with the artist's light ...
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How do I get my Canon 60D to use short shutter speeds with flash in Av mode? [duplicate]

Last night I tried to get some club shots with my 60D (with the 16-35 2.8L lens) at ISO 1600. I had about ¹⁄₁₅ — ¹⁄₂₀ seconds at f/2.8, all in Av mode. When I raised the pop-up flash, I hoped that ...
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