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Do you keep all of your photos? [duplicate]

Even though I do a quick edit in camera to remove unwanted shots as I shoot, I still end up with a huge number of shots. I keep and back up in the cloud the ones I am working on for a project and ...
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What is an efficient workflow for picking photos from a large set? [duplicate]

In the last couple of days I shot quite a number of images at several locations (been to a concert and conference in another city). Now I wonder how others process large amounts of photos. Do you ...
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Suggestions for workflow for organizing light room library [duplicate]

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How many photos should I keep?

When I started with digital photography, I used to keep a copy of ALL the photos I took on a backup drive, "just in case". As the years have gone by, I have become more ruthless, permanently deleting ...
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What are the rules for editing a photo?

I just got a comment that I must edit my photo. God know how many hours I have spent editing my photos. Thus I was a little bit surprised. It was explained that there are certain rules when doing ...
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Are there standards for 5 star rating scales of photos?

I'm preparing to go through thousands of photos and organize them and part of that is to give each one a rating of 1 to 5 stars. This has me wondering, has anyone developed a set of recommended ...
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What are best-practices for personal photo organization in Aperture?

I'm curious about best practices for photo and project organization. I'm starting to have too many projects to just have them listed by date, like iPhoto does. I've recently switched to Aperture, and ...
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How To work with Pick and Reject in Lightroom?

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How do I move deleted photos?

I imported some 2000 photos into Lightroom 5 on the Mac, and then removed most of the ones in them, bringing it down to 40 photos. I did this by selecting photos I didn't like, pressing the Delete ...
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Color label and rating recomendations

I've tried to come up with a system that allows me to keep track of where photos are at in my process (which ones are finished, which ones need work, etc), but I have yet to come up with something ...
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