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How important is a good quality camera for good photography? [closed]

Don't know if this is already a known thing/wiki/previously asked here, but basically: How important is a good camera for actually making strides in photography/doing well? I've done some photography ...
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Is replacing all my Fujifilm gear with this Canon zoom lens an upgrade?

I'm a hobby photographer. I like taking portraits, which I often do at festivals and conventions. I usually take the following gear: Fujifilm X-T2 (an APS-C sensor mirrorless camera), a 16-55mm f/2.8 (...
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What are the differences between these lenses and how will they affect a beginner?

My father is giving me his Canon 50D and Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens. I noticed that most kits on the market come with the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens and I'm considering it instead of ...
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Does the camera matter?

A while ago I came across this post: And also found this one: My first reaction was "what a load of ...
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What should I charge for photography as an amateur?

I just started up my own photography business and I was wondering what I should with how pricing works. I thought of doing pets, families, babies, and senior pictures. I have some experience with a ...
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What is pixel peeping and why do some people say should I avoid it?

What is pixel peeping? Is there a benefit in doing it? What do I have to keep in mind when I peep my pixels?
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Canon M50 lens recommendation for landscape photography

I'm a newbie in the photographic universe and I bought a canon m50 with the 15-45mm lens. However, I would like to buy a better lens for photographing landscapes, as cheaply as possible. It's just for ...
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Beginner kit improvement advice - which lens should I consider?

I have a Canon 250D (APS-C) since september 2022; I'm really enjoying it but I feel like that's the moment for my first lens upgrade. The camera came in kit with the well-known 18-55 mm STM f/4-5.6. ...
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Will upgrading from P900 to Nikon D500 and a 200-400 lens make my bird photographs sharper?

I am using a Nikon P900 and although I love the camera the image quality is not always as sharp as it could be. Also it is just 3 years old and is falling to bits although i do use it daily. As most ...
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What should I consider when shopping for a second lens (after the kit)?

I have a Nikon D7500 with the 18-140 mm zoom lens, and I've been shooting for a couple of years, although I still consider myself to be a beginner photographer (check out my work). I see myself ...
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What's the difference between these two 1.4f 50mm prime lenses?

I was looking if I could get some used 50mm prime lens on the cheap. Googling around, I found two extremely different lenses, but I am not sure what the practical difference is. One is Nikon 50mm f/1....
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Zoom or Prime Lens(es) for Wildlife Photography on Limited Budget (Nikon D500)

I am currently looking into purchasing some new lenses to accompany my shiny new Nikon D500 on a safari trip in a month. In the past, I have used a Sigma 150-500mm (purchased in 2009 - see here) with ...
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Upgrading camera or lens or both for landscape? [duplicate]

When taking a landscape photo with a deep depth of view, the image is not sharp, especially the further away it is. Up close sharpness is fine but not far away. I am using the correct aperture and ...
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Are there any established photographers who have used a (built in) laptop camera to produce content

I find myself interested in the possibilities for using a laptops built in webcam for photography - particularly for interesting stock photography or for setting up cool shots for startup types to put ...
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Sweet Spot on Zoom Lenses on APS-C CMOS sensors?

I have made the conscious decision not to go full-frame on my camera body purchase but to spend the money on top quality 'L' lenses for my Canon 80D. More explicitly, I have the 24-105mm f/4 L and 70-...
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