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Converting .CR2 raws to non-raw image format with ImageMagick mogrify makes images warm

ImageMagick's mogrify seems to be making my images warm-colored when I convert them to a non-raw format. Why is this? I've tried this with .jpg, .png, and .jxl. I converted the same image with ufraw ...
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Prevent my Pixel 6 smartphone from auto-editing my photos

I have a Google Pixel 6 that I bought mostly because of the good camera. I have to admit, for a phone, it's amazing. However, a "feature" really annoys me: it keepes automatically editing ...
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Why does a CR3 black and white image is displayed with colors when opening it on the PC? [duplicate]

Using a Canon camera, I took an image in black & white, and saved it as RAW. When I'm opening the image on my PC with, it displays in black & white as expected, and 2 seconds after in colors, ...
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Camera JPG Post Processing [duplicate]

I was just reading the responses to a question as to why RAW images look different in lightable and darkroom in Darktable (due to the in camera post processing taking place for JPG files) and I would ...
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Sharing Lightroom images in DNG with ability to undo/redo edits in another application?

I am contracted to receive a bunch of images from a photographer who has made edits to many of the images. The photographer has exported a sample DNG file with me from Lightroom Classic 10.2 and I was ...
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Why does the quality of photos shot in RAW change after a few seconds when viewing them on a computer?

I have been taking a photo class for the past month or so and the professor told us to shoot in raw for a few assignments. When I view the pictures shot in RAW (on a canon rebel t7) on my computer, ...
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How can a camera pick up and process colors?

How does a camera/AI/ robotics process and determine the color of a specific object ?
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Is tone mapping automatically applied to RAW images?

At first I thought tone mapping was a thing for HDR images only used to "display" the dynamic range which our monitors can't show. Turns out that RAW images tend to have a high dynamic range too. So ...
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Why and how capturing RAW image instead of JPEG helps with editing [duplicate]

Often I heard photographers say that RAW is used for editing photos. I have used Adobe Photoshop Lightroom before and I don't see how capturing RAW helps. Can anyone explain how capturing RAW helps ...
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Opening NEF files on windows initially open fine but then change contrast

I have a strange issue with Windows 10 When I open .nef files they load fine. However after a second or two the contrast changes noticeably. I tried ...
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Shooting in RAW Format [closed]

I have a Pentax K100D Super and am just learning to shoot in RAW Format so far all my photos have come out very white lacking in colour particularly of water and surf
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color to black & white photo...back to color mishap

What do you think I pushed to make my Canon 6D take black and white photos? Initially, I was taking colored photos. About 12 pictures were converted in gray and then I continued to take colored ...
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Why can software correct white balance more accurately for RAW files than it can with JPEGs?

Why are post-processing JPEG white balance corrections not as accurate as white balance with Raw? My understanding is that when shooting jpeg the camera internally does the following steps: Convert ...
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Is the Preview file always the photo taken by the camera?

When I take a photo with a digital camera (I own many*), I can preview it with the ▶︎ button. However, sometimes, cameras will displays a Preview photo that seems of a different quality than the ...
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Saving JPEG from RAW using PS CC is very patchy (examples attached)

Why opening a RAW file in PS CC has more chromatic noise than when opened in LR CC or other CR2 viewers? Saving this RAW file using PS as JPG is worse than the original JPG saved by the camera, with ...
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