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What's the point of capturing 14 bit images and editing on 8 bit monitors?

I am bit confused. If my DSLR is capturing 14 bit image while shooting RAW. Don't I need a 14 bit monitor also to take full advantage of capturing in RAW? Whats the point of capturing an image in 14 ...
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What does it mean when a TV "supports HDR"?

I am a bit confused about how HDR (on TV) works. The way I see it, multiple images of the same frame are used to create one image which shows better details in low-light and high-light areas of the ...
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How did John Cheng create his photograph of Simone Biles at the FIG Gymnastics World Championships?

Question: This photograph was taken by John K Cheng, staff photographer of USA Gymnastics. Which techniques or camera equipment were employed to make this shot ? Here is a video of the actual vault ...
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Why don't digital cameras have better dynamic ranges?

ISO in digital cameras is a digital amplification of the signal. If your camera's native ISO is 100, setting the ISO to 400 would make the sensor amplify the brightness 4x. So if ISO is digital, does ...
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Do I need in-camera HDR if a camera can take RAW?

Comparing the Canon Powershots G3X vs. G5X, both can do RAW, but only the G5X can do HDR. My understanding is that I should be able to get all the effects of HDR with proper postprocessing of RAW ...
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A photo effect that favours yellow & blue; What is its name & how is it done with GIMP?

I have recently come across several pictures that seem to have been modified to favour or skew towards both yellow and blue tones. The photo editing effect creates a special, somewhat cosy ambiance. ...
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How to increase the dynamic range for a landscape photo without post-processing?

I like to take landscape photographs, during the golden hour. I always try to get high dynamic range so as to get the foreground and background proportionally highlighted, but I fail miserably (I use ...
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Metallic Satin Paper vs Other Types (Gloss, Matte, Lustre)

Context I am asking this question because I am looking for a detailed explanation of Metallic Satin paper. I did find this question "What is metallic paper?" but I find its really lacking the ...
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How bright should a 18% gray card be in my image when exposed correctly?

Let's say I have a 18% gray card in my scene and I want to set the exposure manually. When I take a picture of the gray card what should the RGB values be when exposed correctly? What is important is ...
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what is the cause of halo around dark objects (non-HDR)

This problem occurs often with scenes that have trees with the sky behind. I tend to raise the shadows and reduce the higligts (in RAW) to get a more pleasing image, I believe this is a normal thing ...
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How do I figure out the number of shots and bracketing distance for HDR photos?

Let's say I want to take a picture from inside an office where both the room and the view outside the window are equally bright (e.g. like this). The easiest way to pull off that shot is to shoot a ...
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What software is recommended to do exposure fusion for real estate photography?

I have read that your can use exposure fusion in real estate photography to reduce overexposed windows. I would like to know which editing program is most suitable for this. I have experience as a ...
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Is in camera HDR inferior to taking multiple bracketed shots and creating HDR from them in computer?

I see lots of stuff online about creating HDR images from bracketed shots. But i have a Nikon D5600 which has in camera HDR. Should i still use bracketed shots for HDR or just use the in camera HDR. I ...
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What's the difference between dynamic range and normal pixel value?

This may sound like a very stupid question, but I can't seem to wrap my head around why a camera can only have around 10 stops of dynamic range when it can have 255 values for each pixel. Why doesn't ...
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Automatic exposure fusion

First, I am not an expert in photography, but a programmer. I am currently programming a camera for Exposure fusion, mixing maybe 3 images with different shutter speed. I am looking for an optimal ...
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