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How do I choose a polarizer?

It was suggested that I should get myself a polarizer filter to get over my reflection problem. ( How to avoid reflection when taking a picture of a ceramic object with a shiny glaze? ) I found out ...
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Are there any downsides to using a good-quality UV filter?

Are there any real downsides to using a UV filter? I know that a poor quality UV filter can effect image quality ... but, assuming I use a good quality UV filter, will that actually be an issue? Is ...
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In which situations should I use my circular polarizing filter?

I received a circular polarizing filter as a gift, but I have a hard time determining when I should be using it. I've done river shots with some success, but other than that, it doesn't seem to do ...
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Is a UV filter better for lens protection than a protector filter?

I'm usually very good at getting water/finger marks on lens, so I must use something for protection. Is there any downside of using an UV filter instead of a protector filter? Example: Hoya HD ...
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How does one use circular polarizers?

I just purchased my first circular polarizer. I have read the thread here about when to use it, but I still have a question. How to use it? A friend told me to spin the polarizer until the sky ...
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Should I put UV filter to protect the lens even if I put a lens hood?

That's pretty it, usually you buy a UV filter to protect the lens. My question is do I need the UV filter even if I'm using a lens hood?
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What are the consequences of stacking a circular polarizer on top of a UV filter?

The reason I'm asking this is that I don't have a circular polarizer yet and I'm planning to buy one. I know I'll be too lazy to unscrew the UV filter to put on the polarizer. I'm wondering whether ...
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What effect does a UV filter provide?

I know that I should always use a filter on my lens to protect the camera lens, however, exactly what impact to the picture does using a UV filter have — since that is the one most often used? I seem ...
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Circular polarizer works great at shorter focal lengths, but significantly degrades the image at longer lengths. Why?

I bought a cheap CP recently to play around with, and noticed an interesting phenomenon: Using it with my 24mm lens on full-frame, images turn out tack-sharp - there is hardly any difference in ...
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Do I need a slim or normal polarized filter for a wide angle lens?

I have a Canon T3i body and I recently bought a Tokina 11-16mm wide angle lens for landscape and astro-photography. I am looking to buy a polarizing filter, but I'm not sure if I should get the slim ...
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