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I'm a new DSLR user with an older model Pentax K-30, using a 18-55@43mm lens (The lens that it shipped with). I don't yet understand what all the settings mean, or how they are used, or the impact of ...
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What is this print called and how to create it?

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What should be considered for employee photos to put on company's website?

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How can I inexpensively create the white backdrop look?

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How to create a gray/black color background in a photograph

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How do I get a black background with flash? [duplicate]

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How to achieve a flash image with a very bright, almost-whited-out subject and dark background?

I want to achieve this strong flash yet balanced background, I've been trying a couple things out but I need some tips. I know very little about flash in general, so any tips help! Thanks!
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how to capture low key and high key images without using external flash?

I am using 50mm potrait lens with my canon 600D. Is there any way to capture low key or high key images without using external flash?
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Black background post processing tips?

This week I've been experimenting with getting some things photographed with a completely black background. Following some tips on this site about background distance etc, I came to the following set-...
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