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(How) should I start with film photography?

I've been toying with the thought of starting analog (film) photography for a while. Buying a film SLR and the equipment to develop and print the photos doesn't seem to be too expensive. Now my ...
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Why is digital photography so expensive?

Even after a decade since its inception, digital photography is still expensive. Each and every component from battery, lenses, accessories to printing is expensive. For a student who wants to pursue ...
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Should I continue to learn exposure on a film camera or switch to digital?

I have a Canon AE-1 but I’m new to photography. I mean it’s always interesting me but I never did anything until now when I found this camera in my grandma's attic. It works pretty well. I mean I ...
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What manual features are needed in an SLR Film Camera for a photography course?

My daughter has a photography course coming up for school. The instructions from the course say that we need to get a film camera for her. The requirements state the following: "35mm single lens ...
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How to save money when first stepping into analogue?

After shooting in film, you will have to develop, and then either printing or scanning them to get a presentable copy. I am okay with the film camera's investment, be frugal and I can get shooting ...
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Why is there a strange tint and grain in my film photos?

I'm a complete newbie to photography, and I started out on an old Nikon FM10 that runs on film. I got back my first roll after development and most of them are either over or under exposed. Two of the ...
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How do I take indoor photographs in dark lit rooms?

I'm very new to film photography but I love shooting pictures of my friends indoors at night, so that the light sort of 'illuminates' them as the subject whilst the background remains relatively dark. ...
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Can I change my shutter speed multiple times for one film?

I am a beginner to film photography and I just got a new camera (Canon EOS 88). From different questions, I got that the ISO setting needed to be the same for the whole film (meaning that I can't ...
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What kind of equipment and skills are needed to take shots like these?

I would like to be able to take images like the ones below, but am a beginner and don't know much about photography. I was searching for what kind of camera this photographer used, but I didn’t find ...
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what camera should I buy as a beginner? [duplicate]

I really love to take pictures from all kinds of cameras that I have exprienced with,I want to finally buy my first camera but i dont know which one is the best for me,any advice?
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Camera models for intermediate and beginners [closed]

I'm starting to get into photography and wanting to take a class. The camera that they are requesting needs to the following specifications camera with the ability to independently set aperture and ...
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Which camera should I buy? DLSR or SLR [duplicate]

I'm planning to buy a camera for myself, where I came across the term DSLR and SLR. I'm a novice in photography thus, not knowing the actual meaning of both the term. Would like to know more about ...
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i’m trying to get into film/photography i think just photography right now and then move over to film. anyways i need a camera obviously but i have no idea where to even start. so could someone please ...
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