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HDR then Panorama, or Panorama then HDR?

When creating a panorama for a scene of huge dynamic range, intuitively I always merge exposure brackets to HDR and tone-map them and then stitch the resulting images into a panorama. My intuition ...
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How to cope with high contrast?

Many times (especially around midday), we encounter lighting situations where the contrast of the scene is too high to capture with a camera. What can we do to create a useful picture in such ...
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How do I photograph moving subjects to allow good HDR processing?

I've started to experiment with HDR photography and would love to have a few shots of my family rendered via HDR. There's one problem - my family is human and they move, sometimes a LOT. How would ...
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How does exposure fusion work?

I understand that "exposure fusion" is a method for combining different exposures into a single image. How exactly does it work, and how is it related to HDR?
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What is HDR photography?

What is HDR photography, and when might it be useful?
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How do pseudo or fake HDR programs like Photomatix work?

There are a few programs that can produce HDR-like results from only one input image. How do these work?
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How to enhance details (like freckles) in lightroom?

I searched over the web but all pages offers solutions via Photoshop. Is there a way to do it in lightroom or is PS the only solution? I'd think something like levels would help, but there are no ...
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Does using a different lens affect the dynamic range for HDR post-processing?

I am a bit new to HDR photography and lately I have been trying to carry out the post-processing with Photomatrix. After many trails and errors, I am still unable to get the effect that many other HDR ...
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Is there a one-click technique to create a "better" JPEG from RAW than the in-camera JPEG?

When looking around at HDR and Tone Mapping, and looking at the examples on the Photomatix homepage, I see examples that read: Result after applying the Tone Mapping tool (Original RAW file ...
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What uses does tone mapping have beyond HDR?

Tone mapping is infamous as the technique used to enhance "raw" HDR photos (because by nature they have poor contrast). From this I think understand the principle of what it does (increasing local ...
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Dark+Contrast. New trend in photography editing, how its done?

There is this new trend where people create crazy contrasted photos, its all over the Tumblr and Instagram. I'm not in love with the style, but it looks so strange, that i can't help wondering - how ...
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Is this photo taken using HDR or software processing?

This image has the look of one taken with the HDR technique, yet it is a live performance therefore would be extremely hard to do, as the subject would be moving around. I used photoshop, Gimp and HDR ...
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