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What is tone mapping? How does it relate to HDR?

Whenever I read / hear about HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, someone usually says something along the lines of "Actually, you're talking about tone mapping, not HDR." Please can someone ...
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What is dynamic range and how is it important in photography?

Wikipedia says that the dynamic range is the "ratio between the largest and smallest possible values of a changeable quantity". Ok, I get that. I suppose that's why HDR photos have a "high dynamic ...
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How to improve sky's saturation and contrast to get a similar result?

Have a look at these two pictures: The first is mine, but is so...flat. (You can find the original here.) I took my photo with a Canon EOS 100D, while the second was taken with a Nikon. I cannot ...
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What does it mean when a TV "supports HDR"?

I am a bit confused about how HDR (on TV) works. The way I see it, multiple images of the same frame are used to create one image which shows better details in low-light and high-light areas of the ...
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How does exposure fusion work?

I understand that "exposure fusion" is a method for combining different exposures into a single image. How exactly does it work, and how is it related to HDR?
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how to make a grey warehouse exterior interesting

Carrying on from my recent question on how to get a decent interior shot, now i need to do the outside. I am required to photograph the outside of a grey manufacturing warehouse. It is new (ish) so ...
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How did John Cheng create his photograph of Simone Biles at the FIG Gymnastics World Championships?

Question: This photograph was taken by John K Cheng, staff photographer of USA Gymnastics. Which techniques or camera equipment were employed to make this shot ? Here is a video of the actual vault ...
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How to capture a small red light?

I tried to capture the following small red light, but I failed. It's more white than red. How can I correctly capture the red light as seen through my eyes? f-stop: f/5 exposure time: 1/30 ISO ...
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How to choose the correct exposure?

I have a Canon 60D that I use for my primary hobby that is photography, but sometimes the pictures that I took are with the incorrect exposure like this: So I want to know how I can choose the ...
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What are Hugin "stacks"?

When I am adding images to Hugin, it displays confusing message: What does it mean and how to satisfy it?
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How to capture the sun rays falling inside a forest?

How to capture the sun rays falling inside a forest and light passing through a window. Even though they are visible to our naked eyes they seems tough to be captured with DSLR. I read snow and dust ...
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What is the difference between Digital Blending & HDR technique

I have come across these techniques recently but can't see the point of doing one with a software and another manually with a photoshop tool. Basically what we are achieving is "expected" ...
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How do I determine what shutterspeed to use for long exposure night photography?

Usually when I shoot, I look at the exposure meter scale in the viewfinder and adjust the shutter speed (or aperture). Sometimes even after doing this, I take a picture first and check it in the LCD ...
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How to post-process underexposed sunset images?

I am a beginner, given an advice to underexpose when shooting sunsets. I did, and, well, what was underexposed, kind of looks underexposed. Can I tease out any more out of my material? My camera does ...
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How can I mitigate bright spots in shaded, woodland settings?

I do most of my photography while hiking. I find open woodlands to be a very pretty setting, but have difficulty capturing it. While sunny spots are brighter than shady spots, they don't glare in the ...
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