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Red LED not red but white after I take the photo

Taking a photo of a small red LED causes the resultant photo to have the top of the LED to be white than red. I'm using a Canon S-120 I've tried many different setting with no luck. My friend who is ...
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What is white or black "clipping", and how does one avoid it?

I have been told that this photograph has "white clippings"? What are they, and which light sources should be placed in what way to avoid that?
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What does IQ mean?

I see a lot of questions which mention IQ. The only meaning I know outside photography is "intelligence quotient" but obviously IQ has some other meaning here. IQ is used for example in "Lens with ...
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What is HDR photography?

What is HDR photography, and when might it be useful?
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Why does a bigger sensor have better dynamic range?

I already understand all the theory behind how a bigger sensor leads to better control of depth of field, and lower noise. But I've yet to find a place that can explain why a bigger sensor gives you a ...
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How to choose the correct exposure?

I have a Canon 60D that I use for my primary hobby that is photography, but sometimes the pictures that I took are with the incorrect exposure like this: So I want to know how I can choose the ...
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How can I expose a waterfall scene correctly?

Last day, I was photographing a waterfall. It was a bright day and I was shooting around 2-3 in the afternoon. I set aperture to f/11 and took the meter reading pointing camera towards the sky. ...
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Why could using a low ISO setting be bad?

My question is based on ISO and regarding grain. So when taking a photo with high iso normally you would get grain. To combat this you would normally just simply lower the iso, but I've seen and heard ...
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How can I calculate the dynamic range from a photo?

I've just made an image post-processing to increase a dynamic range. Here is an original input image Here is an output image How can I calculate the dynamic range from a photo? In especially, how do ...
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D3100 vs D3200 Image Quality both set to 12MP [duplicate]

Both D3100 AND D3200 have similar, almost identical, sensors. Which is going to give the best image quality if I set them both to, for example, 12MP? I also also placed the pixel sizes below. ...
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How can I extend skies in virtual tours and 360 tours?

I am shooting virtual tours with an all in one camera and like most prefer a sunny day - inevitably that means one part of the shot is facing the sun and gives a big white sky. I want to edit or fill ...
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Advice needed for purchasing a new camera or/and lens

My favorite shots are: Reflections Shadows Water droplets and flowing water Clouds and fog Burning tubelight and running fan Macro shots of food and plants I am not much interested in portrait ...
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