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What price should I charge for my first wedding as a Amateur photographer? [duplicate]

I am an amateur photographer. I was asked by one of the public to be their wedding photographer, after seeing a lot of my work online! This would be my first wedding and not sure what to charge!
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Wedding Photography Pricing [duplicate]

I have read pricing guides etc and since I haven't been in business for years and years its kinda hard to plug the numbers in to the formula. Anyways I'm just having a hard time pricing a wedding. ...
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How hard would be photographing a wedding with just prime lens?

I was recently asked to photograph my cousin's wedding - ceremony at the church, some outside shots at the nearby park, maybe some shots at the reception. Since my photography-related budget is right ...
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How much should an amateur charge for a portrait session?

I am fairly new to photography and have done a few high-school senior sessions of friends here and there. I have been getting more and more requests to photograph families, seniors, etc. and am ...
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How do I prepare best for my first wedding photography event? [duplicate]

I have a friend that wants me to take photos at her sisters wedding in the church and at the reception hall. This will be my first wedding shoot. I have no idea what to charge, how many pictures to ...
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What should I charge for photography as an amateur?

I just started up my own photography business and I was wondering what I should with how pricing works. I thought of doing pets, families, babies, and senior pictures. I have some experience with a ...
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Portrait photographer asked to shoot a wedding — how should I respond?

I've slowly been building my portrait photography business, mostly doing engagement sessions. One thing I'm still stuck on is wedding photography. I do love it, but I am still so unsure if I should ...
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How should I price my first paid event shoot?

I'm a relatively new photographer and, admittedly, I'm still learning. I have been taking photos as a hobbyist for a couple of years, but recently I have been seriously building my portfolio (and ...
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How Much Should I Ask for Photographing [School] Groups at an Outdoor Center and How Much Commission Should I Pay to the Outdoor Center?

I've been thinking and researching about this for weeks now. I went through some similar posts like How much should an amateur charge for a portrait session? or How do you determine how much to ask ...
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How do I formulate an estimate for photographing a private school's 180+ K-5th graders and their 30+ faculty and staff?

I have been invited to submit a proposal/estimate for school portraits including 180 or so young children and 30 or so adult faculty and staff. I do not know if prints will be involved, but would ...
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How do you compose the price for the end product if it needs more then usual amount of retouching?

If you shoot a session, where the end product will have much exposed skin (face/body), how do you compose the price for the end product? Do you have fixed prices? Or do you calculate retouching ...
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Cost to take and edit a photo? [closed]

My daughter is 16 and has a passion for photography and is quite good. Her friend asked her to take and edit pictures of flowers for her website and wants to pay her... How would you go about ...
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How do I know what to price my packages and what to offer in the packages?

As someone who is just now trying to start their own photography business, and has about four years of photography experience, how do you know the right pricing your photos are worth?
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