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How do constant aperture zooms produce identical exposure, even though focal length is larger? [duplicate]

My understanding is that a larger focal length corresponds to a larger working aperture diameter, since the numerator is larger. Why doesn't a larger working diameter correspond to a brighter image? ...
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Does the diameter of the aperture increase with increases in the focal length with constant F-number(F-stops)? [duplicate]

What I have learned from the definition of F-number is that; The F-number (sometimes also called focal ratio, f-ratio, f-stop, or relative aperture) of a lens is the ratio of its focal length divided ...
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From a user perspective, is a stopped down variable aperture zoom lens equivalent to a constant aperture zoom lens?

Let's say that I have a 24-70 F3.5-4.8 variable aperture zoom lens. If I were to stop down that lens to 4.8, would it then be equivalent to a 24-70 F4.8 constant aperture zoom lens from a user ...
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Why do zooms have small apertures even around 50mm?

A 50mm f/1.8 prime from one of the major manufacturers can easily be found for $200 or less, but zooms that include 50mm in their range always seem to have much smaller apertures even at 50mm until ...
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How do zoom lenses restrict their widest aperture at the telephoto end?

Does the aperture ring lock the apertures beyond, say 5.6 at length lens's telephoto end? Does the lens introduce an obstacle to the aperture ring so the lens can't be opened anymore beyond the ...
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Do photographers avoid using zoom?

Because most lenses do no have a fixed aperture, do most photographers avoid using zoom as to avoid messing up their settings and their established exposure?
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Why is my aperture limited to less than the maximum even in manual mode? [duplicate]

Equipment: Nikon D7000 with a 18-105mm lens that comes with it. Level of photographer: novice I've read that the aperture levels change depending on focus. Is there any way in manual mode to stop ...
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Why don't all zoom lenses have variable f-numbers? [duplicate]

As I understand it, the f-number is a ratio between the focal length and the aperture diameter. A zoom lens can change focal length, but shouldn't the maximum aperture be a fixed size? If so, that ...
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What does the aperture range in a lens name mean?

Regarding lens descriptions, what does the relationship between aperture range f/3.5-6.3 and focal length range 18-270mm mean? ...
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How do I properly understand what f-stop is? [duplicate]

I don't quite understand why most lenses seem to have approximately the same diameter aperture regardless of focal length. F-stop is, by definition, a ratio of focal length to diameter, so a 20mm ...
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Why do the Nikon V1 lens' websites seem to give different f-stops than the lenses? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can aperture be f/11 on a lens with an aperture range designation of 3.5-5.5? I am a recent (and so far quite pleased) owner of a Nikon V1. I am in the process of ...
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What is the technical name for a zoom lens which has a fixed maximum aperture?

What is the technical name for a lens which has the same maximum aperture throughout the entire zoom range?
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Why do zoom lenses and compact cameras have varied maximum aperture across the zoom range?

Why does a camera's maximum (allowed) aperture get smaller when you increase its zoom?
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What are the advantages of a lens having a fixed maximum aperture?

What are the advantages of a lens having a Fixed Maximum Aperture? Previous answers have indicated that "pros tend to want constant apertures in zoom lenses". While in general lenses with a fixed ...
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How can aperture be f/11 on a lens with an aperture range designation of 3.5-5.6?

I made a series of outdoor shots with Nikon D5000, with the 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6G VR kit lens. On some shots, I see in the EXIF info f/11, and in another shot, f/9. How can that be, that the f-number ...
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