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When do the differences between APS-C and full frame sensors matter, and why?

I'm trying to decide on a higher-end digital SLR, and I'm down to choosing between an APS-C model and a full-frame model. I understand that the sensors are of different sizes, and as such have an ...
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Why are larger sensors better at low light?

The top answer of What point and shoots are good in low light conditions? says that (1) a fast lens/wide aperture (2) reasonable ISO 400+ handling and (3) a large sensor when put together are critical ...
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Do the same camera settings lead to the same exposure across different sensor sizes?

Let's say I have a micro-4/3rd camera and a full frame camera, both set to 1/60 at f/2.8, taking a picture of the same scene in the same lighting. Will the exposure be the same across both cameras ...
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1 Inch 20MP sensor vs 1/2.3" 12MP sensor?

All things being equal, is a 1-inch 20MP sensor basically the same as a 1/2.3" 12MP sensor? If it is the same, does it then boil down to which camera has better mechanics; lens, mechanics, etc? ...
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Upgrading from a modern smartphone camera without going all in on a DSLR kit

Some flagship-level smartphones today come with excellent cameras, at least for their own use-cases. Sometimes you don't really need more than that in most of the photos you'll shoot, and thinking ...
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Is there really a difference between crop and FF sensors anymore in regards to pic quality? [duplicate]

It seem to me that everything is a numbers game. Better lens better ISO technologies better more modern camera etc etc. These days a canon 80D ...Is it really that much different picture quality then ...
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How does focal length determine lens quality? [duplicate]

What does an 18 - 50 mm lens mean? Are those numbers the first focal length and second focal length? How do you use this parameter to judge what kind of lens to buy? Does more equal better?
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What is "noise" at higher iso at smaller sensors and why is it less problematic on larger sensors [duplicate]

After watching many m43 camera reviews,almost every reviewer say's that how there are "huge amounts of noise" at higher iso's, So I am curious, what is "noise" why does it increase ...
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Can a larger format lens provide more light to a crop sensor for a given f-stop?

Having recently spent some time fighting for light with a high-speed camera having a CS mount and a sensor area under .1 inches2, I was wondering if the f rules apply to cropped sensors? For example: ...
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Relative performance of single lens on different format sensors

I'm evaluating a sigma lens that comes in several mounts including aps-c and micro four-thirds. My question is about the performance on the smaller micro four-thirds sensor. Couldn't I expect the ...
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Will 1 Inch sensor give same exposure at same aperture and ISO settings compared to APS-C sensor? [duplicate]

I know that APS-C is many times bigger than 1 inch and it dramatically effects shallow depth of field. But I was wondering if I'll shoot night city for example with same aperture and ISO setting on ...
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