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D200 diopter setting [duplicate]

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The view through my canon 100D viewfinder is blurry [duplicate]

The title sums it up. I upgraded to full frame and when I reused my canon 100D I realized that I just could not see clearly through the viewfinder. Everything is blurry, even the parameters, even when ...
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What focal length of glasses is best for photography?

Eyeglasses have different potential focal lengths. For example, there are reading glasses, computer glasses, driving glasses etc. So, if I am shooting photos, what is the right focal length? The ...
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What is the small +- wheel next to my view port for?

I had a scare last night when everything in my view port looked blurry on my brand new Canon 60D, even the digital display a red focus boxes. The images photos came out clear, the live view was clear,...
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In 2016 are optical viewfinders on Point and Shoot now dead?

My beloved Canon G151 is in a sorry state and I want to replace it with something of a similar size with an optical eye-level viewfinder. In 2011 a question was asked about point and shoot's with ...
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Why is my Nikon d3100 with 18/55 lens suddenly fuzzy? [duplicate]

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What might make focus points blurred/gone from viewfinder on Canon T2i after cleaning?

The red lights are all but lost in my T2i now....barely a haze of a blur. The focus points work fine, and I get the audible beep, but I have to check my focus point on the back before shooting and I'm ...
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How can I use a DSLR effectively with progressive eyeglasses?

I was prescribed progressive eyeglasses that should see well at three different viewing ranges; at a distance, mid-range, and up-close. Unfortunately I have issues with using the eyeglasses with my ...
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How can I improve my DSLR's autofocus in lowlight scenarios?

I am struggling to take sharp, in-focus photos in low light conditions with my Nikon D5300. The issue appears to be because of the camera's autofocus failing to identify the correct focus point. This ...
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Canon EOS optical viewfinder blurry spots

I have a problem with blurry focussing dots in the optical viewfinder of my Canon EOS 1300D. I'm struggling to take sharp photographs when using the OVF in manual focus mode. The circular dots in the ...
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