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What is second-curtain or rear-curtain technique? [duplicate]

I have a Nikon D80 I seem to remember having read somewhere that it should be possible to take photos in it using something called a second curtain technique. My question is does anybody know if this ...
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When would I use rear curtain instead of front curtain sync? [duplicate]

What are examples of circumstances where rear curtain sync would be preferable to front curtain sync flash?
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What is the best technique for long-exposure photography in good light?

Can anyone offer any tips on achieving long exposures (with the intention of blurring water, clouds etc)?
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Why is 1/250th second used as shutter speed when using a speedlight with my Nikon D7000?

I've got a Nikon D7000, if I increase the shutter speed it eventually goes to the bulb option and after that to 250, I've been ...
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How is the circular motion blur created in this Instagram image?

How is the circular motion blur created in this picture? Is it a result of rear-curtain sync? If so how does one accomplish this? Original image
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How can I think logically about getting correct exposure with flash?

I recently got a new off-camera flash (Nikon SB-700), and I'm having trouble thinking about the variables that go into proper exposure. For example, without flash, I have a little mental decision ...
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What is "Dragging the Shutter"?

I've heard this term of "dragging the shutter". What does this mean and why would I use it?
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How can I create light trails without a blurry subject?

I would like to achieve this effect using my Nikon P510: Are there any suggestions or tips that would help me do that?
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How to take a picture with subject in focus but with a circular light-trace effect around it?

How to keep the Girls sharp combined with the lighttrace effect?
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What is the photography term for blurred / dragged lights?

What is the photography term for blurred / dragged lights? Hare are two quick examples from my phone: Would this be considered bokeh, or does a term even exist for this?
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How to have motion blur only behind the subject?

Motion blur can be used to give the impression of speed, but it affects both the front and the back of the moving object: Drawings instead show a trailing blur with sharp leading edges: Is there any ...
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Why does flash decrease motion blur? [duplicate]

While experimenting with my 600d, I have noticed that on the same shutter speed, without inbuilt flash I get motion blur in my pictures, but with flash there is little to not motion blur (on the same ...
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How does dragging the shutter work?

I am reading a photography book which talk about dragging the shutter when a flash is used. It just tell me how to do this trick but doesn't explain why. Can someone here tell me more about how it ...
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Can I capture motion-trails with a point-and-shoot camera?

Is it possible to capture motion trails (like throwing a ball or running) using a camera like the Nikon Coolpix S70? If so, how do I do it?
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Does front-curtain sync put blur in front of an object, and rear-curtain sync behind it?

I recently watched Adorama's video on rear curtain sync flash photography. At 4.12 to 4.42, the presenter claims that when using front-curtain sync, the background/long exposure blur will be put on ...
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