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How to prevent hot pixels? [duplicate]

I've just returned from a trip. One of the locations was very dark site. I took a photo with 4 minutes exposure for the foreground. The photo came out unusable. There are so many red, green, and ...
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why do I have red dots all over the foreground of my stars long exposure shot [duplicate]

I have a 60D and have never had this problem before although I have never set the exposure for 30 minutes I am so disappointed its a great shot
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When zoomed in, I see red, blue and white pixels. What is the cause of this? [duplicate]

I was experimenting with the bulb mode of my Canon EOS 600D camera. I realised, in the image there were these red, blue and white pixels that are also seen in the screenshot. What is the reason that I ...
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Hot, stuck, or dead pixels. What's the difference?

What is the difference between hot, stuck, and dead pixels with regards to a camera's image sensor? What can cause each to occur? What can be done to reduce their influence on a photo?
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Why are my product photographs not sharp?

I just bought a Canon 750D. The picture has too much noise. The detail/shine of the diamond is not really showing. I am also using a tripod and timer. The lens is the EF-S 18-55mm ƒ/3.5-5.6 IS STM. ...
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Astrophotography exposure setting for noise reduction

I was on a hiking for a week into the dense forest of Western Ghats with my Sony slt a58. I am into Astrophotography. The place was absolute black with millions of stars. The perfect place for ...
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Why my dslr takes more time to process pictures shot at high apertures?

Using the same setting, my 600d takes about 10 secs from flash to preview picture if I shoot with a high aperture of f/22. But if I shoot with the same settings at f/3.5, I can see the picture preview ...
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How can I fix this stuck pixel on an image taken using Nikon z6?

Settings of the image: ISO 320 f/8 15s at 70mm. Shot RAW Large. Nikon z6. The image below is zoomed in to show the stuck pixel. I noticed this blue dot and found out it is known as a stuck pixel. ...
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Slow shutter speed and image sharpness

I'm new to photography, I hope I won't misuse any terms here. Let say I shoot a still subject like a product on a tripod with controlled lighting. Let say I have little light and so I use a slow ...
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What should I look for in a camera for shooting in bulb mode for astrophotography?

I am interested in astrophography and I would like to learn and experiment with long exposure. I have been looking around for some dslr cameras but I can't find much information about bulb mode for ...
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How do I prevent and/or remove hot pixels in my shots?

I am getting some noise in my shots on the black. I wondered if this can be something i can prevent or do I need to clean the image sensor? I am using a Canon T3i/600d/Kiss X5. The shot was done at ...
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Dark Frames for Long Exposure on a tracker?

I have come across the concept of dark and bias frames for astrophotography recently. Usually, I exposes my shot for 15+ minutes on a star tracker at ISO=320. I take around 5-8 shots a night and I ...
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How does in camera dark frame noise reduction work?

There are several questions and a tag relating to what it is but I can't find much relating to how it is actually done in camera anywhere. The internet reveals many "how to" pages for doing the ...
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Suddenly have many stuck pixels on my DSLR - is there a reason for it/is it saveable?

I've got a Canon 1100D camera which is maybe getting on a bit at about 12 years old, but it's performed great up to now. I took it out recently though to do some long exposure night shots, and noticed ...
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