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How do I get the entire landscape in focus? [duplicate]

According to this calculator at 16mm, my hyperfocal distance is at 0.7m at f/11. So on the safe side, if I wanted to make sure the scenic background is tack sharp I would focus at 1m or so. But now ...
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Depth of field clarification [duplicate]

What is the range of depth of field when using the hyperfocal distance? I am looking to get clarification on this topic.
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How did photography work before auto-focus was invented?

Having just spent some time reading questions about auto-focus, I came up with a question of my own: How did cameras even work before auto-focus technology was invented? Presumably everybody used ...
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Why can't I get a decent white background with product photography?

I'm a new photographer, and I'm trying to take photos of a product with a pure white background (#ffffff). I'm using a light box (something like this one), so my lighting should be solid. But I can't ...
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Can a smaller sensor's "crop factor" be used to calculate the exact increase in depth of field?

If APS-C and similar crop-sensor digital cameras have a focal length multiplying effect such that a 50mm lens has an apparent focal length closer to the field of view of an 80mm on a full frame camera,...
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How can I take a photo with everything in focus with my DSLR?

I am quite new to DSLRs and one of the first things I noticed was the incredible focus points and appearance of depth that you can achieve. That is great in a lot of scenarios, but not in all. When ...
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What is "infinity focus"?

I have been reading a bit about astrophotography and the term infinity focus keeps coming up. What is infinity focus and how do you set the camera to infinity focus?...
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What are the benefits of the classic f-number scheme?

Classic ƒ numbers are entrance pupil diameter as a fraction of focal length. This seems like a slightly strange choice as exposure is proportional to area rather than diameter. Naively I would think ...
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How do I keep both the background and foreground in the image in focus at the same time?

How do you have both the background and foreground in the image in focus at the same time? Last week I was attempting a shot where I had the back of a hat in focus and in the distance you could see a ...
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How can a super tiny iPhone 6 Plus lens produce significant DOF?

According to Apple specs the iPhone 6 Plus thickness is 0.28 inch (7.1 mm) and the lens length is only a part of that. And according to an article I found, Depth of Field is a function of "aperture (i....
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Why do people not use large f-numbers (small apertures) when shooting landscapes, when you want large depth of field?

When some people take photos of the landscape, why do they not use like a low f-stop like f/32, because wouldn't you want everyone in focus because it's a landscape? But quite a lot of people use f-...
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Where to focus when shooting landscapes?

When I am shooting landscapes, where (at what point) should I focus when using Auto Focus? Or if I am shooting the lit up skyline of the city, what should be my focus point? The reason I ask is that ...
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What is the formula for determining where infinity focus begins?

I'm having difficulty find any info on determining where infinity focus begins. I'm assuming there's a formula involving focal length and... Can anyone help?
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Focusing on hyperfocal distance with Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G prime lens [duplicate]

I have a Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G lens on a Nikon D7000 body. I have a theoretical understanding of hyperfocal distance. And it seems like the lenses with an clear indication of "infinite" focus point are ...
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Why are big apertures used for landscape photography?

If it is true that a large aperture means shallow depth of field..a.k.a near objects in focus and background or far objects in blur, then how come big aperture is recommended for landscape photography?...
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