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How do I prepare best for my first wedding photography event?

I am going to shoot a wedding this weekend, and I want to do my best for my friend's big day. What can I do to prepare for the day in order to minimize failures and mistakes? How do I avoid missing ...
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What can be done using a 18-55mm lens?

I have a Canon EOS 1000D with 18-55mm kit lens (entry level, as many say). Whenever I go out for a shoot, I always end up feeling handicapped because of the limited zoom range. Most of my friends ...
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How much do I charge for the first time wedding photo shoot?

I am an amateur photographer as far as event photography is concerned. I have done private event shoots only for my family and friends (weddings on two occasions and few new born and other small ...
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How do you determine how much to ask for when someone wants you to photograph a wedding?

I've been asked to shoot a wedding for money, which would be the first time that I've had such an opportunity. I've taken pictures at three prior weddings, two as the main photographer, but not while ...
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What price to demand for a shoot when I am just starting out

I am just starting out in photography. Have done a couple of shoots for friends and wedding for a friend. Pictures came out well. I got noticed and their friends are approaching me for a shoot. As I'...
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I keep getting asked to do wedding photography - what is a fair price to ask?

This may sound like a silly post...but, I need some "outside" opinion from people who know what they are doing. I took up amateur photography as a hobby a couple of years ago...most of it being ...
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Which focal length should be 'always on' for a wedding?

I'm going to be the photographer at a relative's wedding (I know, don't do it yada yada). Having never done a wedding before, I've done as much preparation as I can as well as borrowed some additional ...
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Looking for tips for indoors maternity shoot

Photography is my weekend hobby and I am still in the basic skill level. I recently upgraded to a used Nikon D80 with DX AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm lens and I am still learning how to use it. I have really ...
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How should I price my first paid event shoot?

I'm a relatively new photographer and, admittedly, I'm still learning. I have been taking photos as a hobbyist for a couple of years, but recently I have been seriously building my portfolio (and ...
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What price should I charge for my first wedding as a Amateur photographer? [duplicate]

I am an amateur photographer. I was asked by one of the public to be their wedding photographer, after seeing a lot of my work online! This would be my first wedding and not sure what to charge!
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Wedding Photography - Do you charge up front?

I am in the process of setting up a wedding photography business. I have chosen to ask for 50% up front. However I am unsure as to when I should ask for the final installment or whether I should ask ...
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