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Does Manual iso = low noise?

I was taking some test shots today indoors (decent amount of light) set the iso manually to 800 looked through the viewfinder and I was at 1/20 (I was using Av mode) bumped the iso to like 1000 and my ...
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Good DSLR camera for ice hockey pictures [duplicate]

My son just started hockey and my pictures are very dark and grainy. The lights are dim. Was looking to get another camera and lens to take better pictures. Would like to stay under $5,000. Any ...
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Is there any reason to change the ISO manually?

Here's my understanding so far. When taking a photo with a digital camera, there are some tradeoffs: Aperture size: bigger aperture lets in more light, smaller aperture means less blurring in space. ...
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Why do cameras include very high ISO settings even though they are so noisy?

Why do they make DSLRs' ISO settings go so high? I own three different Nikon cameras and every one of them, once you pass a pathetic 320 ISO, the noise in my photos is lousy and — all 3 cameras cost ...
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What setting should I adjust when using a tripod to get less noise?

If there's a really grainy photo. Not much natural light here and a tripod was available. What should be changed in settings to decrease the noise in the photo? Settings Focal length 12mm ISO 6400 ...
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How do I know which combination of aperture and shutter speed yields enough light to have pictures with minimal noise?

This is a kind of continuation of this question. I'm shooting a poorly lit object. Camera has fastest ISO value of 3200. I set aperture to some specific value and don't alter it, the object is ...
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What camera settings should I use for ice hockey?

I will be shooting some ice hockey actions this week for a fundraiser and was wondering what the ideal camera settings are for a Canon EOS 6D and Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM. I am planning to set ...
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What motivated lens makers to now use 1/3 f-stops rather than say 1/4 or 1/2 stops?

I've noticed that many older lens have just hard f-stops for lens (2, 2.8, etc). However, since the aperture wheel for some is continuous you can "stop" are some arbitrary point and shoot. From my ...
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Does Av mode apply any in-camera software push-pull (Canon 6D)?

I test-shot frames in Manual VS Av mode with identical aperture/shutter speed/ISO, settings and lighting, and I noticed that some frames in Av are sometimes over or underexposed compared to those in ...
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Is it really better to shoot at full-stop ISOs?

The second half of this answer says Notice that I only shot full-stop ISO which is important with Canon DSLRs because the gain to obtain the 1/3 stops in between is applied in software by the ...
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What is the highest acceptable ISO to use for weddings with Canon 7D? [closed]

I recently had my first wedding shoot(yippie!). For a person like me who usually shoot still life and landscape, weddings is a whole new world. I am used to shooting at low ISO's (800 or less) but the ...
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What is "ISO" on a digital camera?

What is "ISO" in general, and how is the scale defined? How does the ISO scale for film speed differ from ISO sensitivity as used in digital cameras? Is lower ISO always better?
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How is ISO implemented in digital cameras?

If I change the ISO settings on my camera, obviously the gain of the system is increased, amplifying the signal from the sensor. What's not clear to me is where the amplification takes place. I see ...
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What is something you learned recently about your gear that you wish you discovered earlier?

I'm playing with my old XTi with a new travel lens, Tamron 18-270mm and I'm reading the instruction sheet for the Tamron and read a section about Manual focusing and got to the small print. Even in ...