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Are there any downsides to using a good-quality UV filter?

Are there any real downsides to using a UV filter? I know that a poor quality UV filter can effect image quality ... but, assuming I use a good quality UV filter, will that actually be an issue? Is ...
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Is a UV filter better for lens protection than a protector filter?

I'm usually very good at getting water/finger marks on lens, so I must use something for protection. Is there any downside of using an UV filter instead of a protector filter? Example: Hoya HD ...
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What filter do you use for concert, low light photography?

What filter do you use for concert, low light photography? I'm buying a Nikon F mount 24-70 and not sure what type of filter? Clear, UV?
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Indoor flash photography in large to achieve excellent quality results?

I will be taking photographs of a high school play in a large auditorium. Lighting will be stage and rather low light. Will possibly need flash to achieve good results of cast members. Will be using a ...
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How do I reduce blurriness when shooting dancers on stage?

I am taking pictures of performers on stage. Sometimes they have tungsten lighting, but then they can also have funky color lights of all sorts go off at them. Here is a Flickr Album of the pictures ...
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Do cheap filters have an effect on image quality?

Do cheap lens filters (UV, ND, CPL) affect image quality, color reproduction, sharpness, etc.? Do they really offer protection?
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Best ways of photographing at a concert/festival

Lighting at concerts is usually very difficult to manage. My photos always end up blurry/needing an awful lot of post-processing afterwards. What would be the objective best way to shoot these ...
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is uv filter a must? [duplicate]

I am using panasonic 25mm 1.7 lens in olympus omd-em10 ii body. Neither of them have a uv coating. Will it hurt lens/processor health if I use it without filter?
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Best Lens & Camera settings for dance concert with average lighting [duplicate]

I take photos as a hobby and the last 2 years have photographed our annual dance concerts however i would love to improve the quality of my photos. I own a canon EOS 500d and would like some advice on ...
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Taking pictures of moving objects in low light indoor settings without shake. Canon Rebel T7

I'm sort of new to photography and have been successful taking great photos during the day with good light. But anytime that I am indoors/outdoors with low light I can't seem to keep the image in my ...
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How can I eliminate glare from stage lights when taking concert photos?

I have a problem that I have not been able to solve involving glare. I shoot a lot of concert photos from 6-12 feet away. I keep getting glare from the lights. I have used a hood, filters, various ...
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Are any common (optical) filters useful to attenuate overwhelming blue spotlights in live music situations?

Strong blue spotlights as typically used on outdoor stages are often so physically bright (which I guess they have to be, given how viewers perceive blue as very dark) that they provoke channel ...
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