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Should I convert ARW to DNG? [duplicate]

This is with reference to the Sony NEX-5R. I have gotten into the habit of telling Lightroom to convert all ARW to DNG when I import them, in the hope that DNG, being an open format rather than a ...
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Do I lose dynamic range or detail when converting from CR2 to DNG? [duplicate]

I have CS5.1 which does not support Canons RAW format using Camera RAW on a 60D, so I must change to DNG format before using CS5.1 Do I lose any quality or dynamic range from this conversion?
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How can I open .CR2 files from a Canon 750D in Lightroom 3 when I can't afford the monthly cost of the new Lightroom? [duplicate]

I am capturing images in Raw format now. I have a Canon 750d with me. The format of the files is .CR2 While trying to open these in Lightroom, it throws an error and wasn't able to open them. I am ...
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Can I get original JPEG image from CR2 file format? [duplicate]

I am not professional photographer , but i have a professional camera (Canon). I had shoot my pre wedding photos with this camera. So when i was open , it will be converted into black and white after ...
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Why don't Lightroom or PSE recognize CR2 files from my Canon 7D mk II even though they are up to date?

I ordered a Canon 7D mark II (to replace a stolen 7D),and shot a friend's wedding in RAW. But now, I can only view the pictures in very poor quality on my computer's photo viewer. I am not able to ...
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When RAW files are converted to DNG, are any irreversible demosaicing happening or not?

I know this almost touches some other questions already asked here, but it's actually aligned a bit different. This is not about DNG vs RAW, rather just about the demosaicing step in the conversion. ...
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How and why does VueScan's TIFF and DNG output differ?

The vuescan application supports saving scans DNG and TIFF format which can be processed and/or what it calls raw. I would like to understand the differences between the formats to help decide the ...
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Is there any way of achieving cross-application non-destructive RAW editing? (Maybe xmp files?)

Is there some way of saving (basic) non-destructive RAW developing/adjustments that is not limited to a particular app ecosystem (eg Adobe)? Understandably some transformations are proprietary (eg. ...
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How is it that DNG files are smaller?

Adobe points out that DNG files are smaller. For my CR2 files that I tried (from a Canon 70D), that is indeed the case and the originals are >14% larger than the converted. (Later, I found that the ...
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Verifying the integrity of your library

After reorganizing my image collection I moved a bunch of photos between different hard drives. While copying, I did get error messages. Fortunately, I had made multiple copies before doing the ...
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Canon Rebel T7 and LR6

I shot .CR2 files on my Canon Rebel T7. Now I can't open the files in Lightroom 6. How can I convert the .CR2 files into a .RAW format?
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Is converting CR3 raw images (Canon EOS R6) to adobes DNG for usage in Photoshop CS6 lossless and otherwise unobjectionable

I replaced my old camera with CR2 raw format a while ago with a new one (Canon EOS R6) with CR3. As soon as I shot the first pictures with it I had the problem that they could not be opened in ...
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