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How can I reduce the effect of sodium vapor street lights in night photography?

I would like to light buildings at night using torches etc. How do I reduce the sodium light (street light ) that is cast on it. Can I reduce it with a filter and if so which one?
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How to correct yellowish pictures under fluorescent lighting on a digital camera?

What can I do about some of my pictures turning yellowish under fluorescent lights - I can not turn the lights off - judo lessons for my grandson in school gym. I am using the Canon Rebel XSI (450D) ...
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How do I find the right white balance value to set in my camera?

As I understand White Balancing means - making a particular color look as it should have been irrespective of what color the Ambient Light is. i.e A white paper must look white not blueish grey(cool) ...
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Do I always get the same colours when I set the white balance correctly?

I can set my white balance camera dial to sunlight, to overcast sky or to a tungsten lamp ensuring there's no bluish or yellowish tint and the white is really white. I know I can fine-tune these ...
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How can I know what is ideally neutral in a picture, in order to set white balance?

According to my understanding white balance is procedure that removes effect of colorful lengthening. It makes picture like it was lightened with ideal white color light. Please, correct me if I'm ...
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How to restore color of wood photographed under fluorescent lighting?

I have taken photos of a church organ console with a digital camera, but the lighting conditions were very low. That's why I used an umbrella + daylight fluorescent bulb (from a kit similar to this ...
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What is white balance in a camera? When and where should I use WB? [duplicate]

I like to do different experiments in my photography. Recently I was experimenting with white balance. Can anyone help me? What is actually white balance and when it is used? Do you have an example?
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Nikon D90 images look fine on camera but when on computer both NEF and JPEG look yellow

The NEF files look normal when using windows photo viewer, but on the same monitor the JPEG that the camera has converted looks yellow. If I view the NEF on different software it looks yellow also.
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Why is my photo partially colour imbalanced?

I have this photo where part of it is funnily colour imbalanced. I took some product shots under couple of 5500K lights. Part of the product was navy blue and it is appearing as black in the raw files....
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Why do my fluorescent studio lights change color of the objects in my photos?

I have simple setup with two softboxes on sides and sheet of white paper on which object is placed, in my case it's a shoe. Camera Nikon d3100 (21mm, f/8.0, 1/25s, ISO 100). Shoe is brown under ...
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How can I properly take advantage of this equipment?

I'm a newbie to photography yet I have been asked to "figure out" how to do certain things. Now, before ending up here I went old-school and picked the manual to the camera I was given (Nikon D3100), ...
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