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What is the meaning of "white balance"?

I would like to understand the term white balance. My camera has settings for white balance with the following options: Auto white balance Daylight Cloudy Shade Flash Incandescent lights White set1 / ...
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How do I find the right white balance value to set in my camera?

As I understand White Balancing means - making a particular color look as it should have been irrespective of what color the Ambient Light is. i.e A white paper must look white not blueish grey(cool) ...
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Color issue: studio images have a pink hue

I have a small home studio and use 2 x 250 flash heads, and a white vinyl background. I use a Canon 5D Mk II and generally shoot at 1/125 and f11-13. My problem is my images all have a pink hue to ...
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Is a gray card sufficient to get accurate colors in a photograph?

I have a card that has three bands: black, gray, and white. If I place this in a photograph I am taking that I want to be color accurate, will that give me sufficient information to tune the photo, ...
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How to rank the CRI of no-name LED lights using simple DIY tools?

I have some no-name LEDs and I would like to estimate how good their CRI is. What I need is only a rough estimate, since I would use the best ones for studio lighting or product lighting, while the ...
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What are the differences between color calibration cards?

The lower level ColorChecker Classic is around $59 USD, Datacolor Spyder comparable one is also around $50... meanwhile there's some DKG Tools for only $25. Current on B&H: DKG Color Spyder 24 X-...
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What is white balance in a camera? When and where should I use WB? [duplicate]

I like to do different experiments in my photography. Recently I was experimenting with white balance. Can anyone help me? What is actually white balance and when it is used? Do you have an example?
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Why is my photo partially colour imbalanced?

I have this photo where part of it is funnily colour imbalanced. I took some product shots under couple of 5500K lights. Part of the product was navy blue and it is appearing as black in the raw files....
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Why do my fluorescent studio lights change color of the objects in my photos?

I have simple setup with two softboxes on sides and sheet of white paper on which object is placed, in my case it's a shoe. Camera Nikon d3100 (21mm, f/8.0, 1/25s, ISO 100). Shoe is brown under ...
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How to match color range in two photos when colorizing (hue, saturation)?

Consider two outdoors photos taken with different cameras and different cities. You want to include both in the same photo series and therefore need to re-touch them with identical color profiles and ...
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What is the difference between white balance and calibration in Lightroom?

As most of us know, we can manipulate color in Lightroom different ways. As I understand it correctly, white balance will affect changes in the HSL panel. So when the raw photo has i.e. a blue lake, ...
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