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How to estimate depth of field? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there a 'rule of thumb' that I can use to estimate depth of field while shooting? How do you estimate the aperture needed to produce sufficient depth of field for a ...
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How to choose f-stop / depth of field? [duplicate]

I am fairly new to photography and I have read many "beginners guides" and watched youtube tutorials. One thing that remains elusive to me is how to properly pick what f-stop to use. I use a 35mm, ...
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Simple quick DoF estimate method for prime lens [duplicate]

All: I have a concrete example related question: My prime len is Nikon 35mm f/1.8G DX. If I only use this lens to shoot, I wonder if there is any simplified Depth of Field estimate method like by ...
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Manual photography cheat sheet — where can I find one, or what should be on it?

I have been trying to shoot more in manual modes (both camera and flash). At this point, I understand all the concepts, but all the adjustments slow me down. I'd like to have a "cheat sheet" with ...
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Is camera lens focus an exact point or a range?

I have often wondered if the focus of a lens at a particular focal length is an exact point or a range within a few millimeters. This becomes all the more important when manually focussing. How far ...
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Is depth of field and bokeh influenced by distance to the subject?

I know that the aperture size has a direct effect on the depth of field. However, what about distance to the subject? Let's say I took two pictures, one at 24mm and one at 70mm, using the same lens ...
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Why is the area in focus in front of the focus distance narrower than behind it?

I guess the title and the picture explain my question well.
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Any truth that depth of field extends from one-third in front of focal point to two-thirds behind it?

In the book Digital Photography Complete Course, there is a page that discusses and illustrates depth of field: There is an info box that says the following: The point at which you focus the lens ...
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Is there any mirrorless camera that can mark areas within DoF in the EVF?

All mirrorless cameras have the image in the rear LCD and the electronic viewfinder (EVF) fully generated by a computer, making many utilities such as noise removal, text overlays, histograms, etc ...
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How do you exercise depth of field in practice?

I'm really frustrated because many of my nicely framed photos are of poor technical quality, mainly because of the wrong depth of field or subject being out of focus. I always thought I know theory ...
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Is the hyperfocal distance calculation outdated?

The hyperfocal distance H is calculated by H = (f^2)/(N*c)+f where f is the focal length, N the f-stop and c the circle of confusion limit. Lets assume we use a fullframe sensor. All those calculators ...
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does depth of field travel with the focal plane?

for simplicity it can be assumed all of the following discussion is relative to a prime lens i recently learned about the technique of hyperfocal distance focusing. that is, by using the method to ...
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How can I measure the exact range of focus of a given fixed focus webcam?

By moving objects around the camera I can see that they get very blurry at 10cm and less sharp at 3-4m away from the camera but how can I measure the exact range of focus? If I check the sharpness of ...
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How does background blur and DoF vary with sensor size for a prime lens?

Let's assume I have a prime lens for full frame, with fixed specs (let's say 85mm f/1.8). Changing the lens is not an option, but I have a choice of a full frame camera and a crop sensor camera. The ...
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