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Why do lower f-stop numbers mean larger apertures? [duplicate]

I thought this would have been asked before but it seems not. I don't understand how f-stops are numbered. From what I read, the lower the f-stop number, the larger the aperture. That is, f/2 is ...
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What F means in lenses and how to find focus distance [duplicate]

I've found some camera sensors with very low resolution to use with electronics. Camera have 150x150px and can mount different lenses type: F2.7, F4.0, F6.0. I want to ask what F means and if I can ...
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What is aperture, and how does it affect my photographs?

How does aperture affect my photographs? Why should I care about the aperture with which a photo was taken?
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What is one "stop"?

I always hear this term, e.g., I had to go down one stop Increasing X by Y raises Z by one stop I turned down the flash/the light two stops This lens/sensor/strobe/Photoshop tweak raises X by around ...
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What is T-number / T-stop?

Usually, when discussing aperture of a lens, F-stop and F-number are used for quantifying. But some photographers, and especially videographers, also mention T-stop. The concept and numbering used (e....
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What is a "fast" lens?

I've been reading lots of camera reviews lately and have ran across several references to "fast" lenses. What exactly is a fast lens and what are its advantages compared to other lenses?
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Why do camera manufacturers stick with the same awkward control layout imposed by film cameras? [closed]

You could replace the full set of controls with some much more intuitive and integrated click-wheel or touch-screen controls. But a good chunk of photography classes (my wife has taken a few courses) ...
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What does the f-stop printed on the lens refer to?

I have read this,so I know what an f-stop is, but what does the number on printed the lens signify? Is this is the maximum f-stop, the ideal, or something else?
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What is the meaning of "stopped down"?

Was reading this answer (emphasis mine): It also tells us that the lens was stopped down, as if it were wide open there would be no corners to cause diffraction, regardless of the number of ...
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What reduces blur from camera movement more: large aperture or image stabilisation?

In the reviews of lenses with image stabilisation systems there are quite often written the quality of its performance represented by the number of f-stops (2-4 f-stops). As far as I understand, it ...
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What is the quantative relation between flash guide number and ISO?

I found that formula on the Internet: $$ \text{Guide Number} = \frac{\text{Shooting Distance}\times\text{Aperture}}{\text{ISO Sensitivity}} $$ Is it correct? If it is could someone please explain why ...
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How is f-stop a measure of dynamic range?

As far as I have read f-stop is a measure of the aperture. This affects the amount of area in the foreground and background which is in focus. While having a look at the dynamic ranges of cameras I ...
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What is it called when aperture and exposure are previewed on the LCD screen before the shot is taken?

I have a Canon PowerShot SX120 IS. I would like to get a better comparable camera, but the singular feature I love the most about this camera is when in Manual mode, I scroll through shutter speed ...
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What's the base f-stop when counting an ideal f-stop for lens?

I've read a lot around this site that an ideal quality of the lens is achieved when using f-stop roughly 2 stops slower than the fastest value of the lens. Firstly, I'm not exactly sure what "2 stops"...
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How is the F stop number derived?

How are F Stop numbers derived? I have both a Canon 50d and a Panasonic DMC-LZ8k, a compact with full manual mode. When I set all settings but shutter speed identically between cameras, I end up with ...
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