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Is focal length measured relative to the sensor or the lens? [duplicate]

I'm very (very) new to photography world.. I've been trying in the past few days to explore very deeply to this world.. But the more I dived in the more confused I became. For example most of the ...
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Field of view using 50mm APS-C lens on APS-C body vs 50mm FF lens on FF body? [duplicate]

I am taking 2 pictures using: Nikon D3400 APS-C sensor and an APS-C kit lens, 18-55mm set at 50mm Nikon D850 full frame camera and a full frame lens 50mm that is designed for full frame Nikon ...
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Why are lower focal length lenses wider? [duplicate]

Most of the wide angle lenses are lower focal length and the telephoto lenses are of longer focal length. Can someone explain (scientifically) to me how shorter focal length of the lenses is help to ...
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Comparing focal length [duplicate]

Hello I want to move from my compact camera to a dslr. I am fan of landscape photos so I want to buy an ultra-zoom lens. My camera supports 14x optical zoom. I know that for compact cameras it's just ...
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Why does the angle of view narrow as you zoom in? [duplicate]

Why does a 4mm lens have a wider angle of view than an 8mm lens ?
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What size lens do I need? [duplicate]

What size lens do I need? I am shooting video from a distance of about 10 to 11 feet away. I want to be able to go from a CU (top of head to mid-chest) to a full body shot (head to toe). I currently ...
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How do I convert lens focal length (mm) to x-times optical zoom?

What is the rule to convert the 'mm' notation to the 'optical zoom' notation? I searched a bit and found this one: $$\text{Optical zoom} = \frac{\text{Maximum focal length}}{\text{Minimum focal length}...
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What is crop factor and how does it relate to focal length?

I'm reading that a 50mm lens is recommended as a first prime lens for DSLR owners as it's supposed to give a 'natural' perspective, but when used on (most) DSLRs, the view is cropped, as if you were ...
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How to zoom with Canon 77D with Canon 50mm 1.4 lens?

I've just bought this camera and the lens, and I feel so silly; I don't know how to zoom. Do you know how? When I turn it on it seems to be zoomed and I would like to zoom out.
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Is it a wise-decision to buy full-frame lenses for use on an APS-C body?

I have a Canon 550D which I've been using for around a year now. I really love it and have learned a great deal with this and the 18 - 135mm kit lens. But now with experience I feel the need to get ...
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Why is depth of field affected by focal length?

As the focal length decreases, the depth of field increases as well. Why is this? I'm not so much interested in a physics lesson as I am interested in a simple, down-to-earth explanation.
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What lenses are must-have yet affordable for a Canon T2i camera?

I have a canon T2i camera. I am beginner looking for some tips on the best lenses to carry around.
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What is focal length and how does it affect my photos?

What is focal-length? Are focal-length and zoom synonymous? How does the focal length of a photo affect it? Are there common uses for different focal lengths, and how can I decide what to use when?
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Can I use my APS-C kit lens as a reference for choosing between 50mm or 35mm prime lenses?

I'm looking at getting a second lens in addition to my Nikon D7000's kit lens. I want to know if it's possible to use my 18m-105mm kit lens to get an idea of the focal length for a 35mm lens vs. a 50 ...
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Does crop factor still apply to a vintage film SLR lens?

My friend has a Tamron 24mm lens on his Nikon D5000 and he says that because of its age and the fact it is manual focus, it is still actually a 24mm on his crop sensored camera. Is this right? If so, ...
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