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What settings for Dirt track night time pictures

So I just started taking pictures at a dirt track and having problems with getting them crystal clear at night races. I'm using a Nikon D-90 with a tamron 70-300 lens. I have my ISO on 2500 and ...
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How do I diagnose the source of blurry photos?

Probably a novice question, but how do I correctly diagnose from a photo for what reason that camera wasn't able to focus properly? Or tell if the image was blurry for some reason other than incorrect ...
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Blown out blue/red light making photos look out of focus

I've only recently started taking photos and got into shooting concerts in a small venue that has neither a pit, nor proper lighting. All they use is some kind of simple LED array. The thing is ...
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I'm having trouble getting sharp pictures while shooting a concert from a press pass location

I am a bit of a noob when it comes to photography. But I recently got the opportunity to shoot John Mayer this past weekend in Wisconsin. Upon getting home, I noticed the pictures weren't as sharp ...
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How can I take photos during a school dance?

I am a beginner photographer, and I am on our school's yearbook committee. We have school dances. There are lots of strobe lights, lasers, and UV lights. So basically, the worst conditions for photo ...
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First time - Night Club Photography - what gear do I need?

One of my friends wants me to shoot some picture of him/people at the club where he is a DJ. But I just started out so I don't have so much knowledge on it so I need some help. My gear: Sony α6300 ...
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How do I reduce blurriness when shooting dancers on stage?

I am taking pictures of performers on stage. Sometimes they have tungsten lighting, but then they can also have funky color lights of all sorts go off at them. Here is a Flickr Album of the pictures ...
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Indoor flash photography in large to achieve excellent quality results?

I will be taking photographs of a high school play in a large auditorium. Lighting will be stage and rather low light. Will possibly need flash to achieve good results of cast members. Will be using a ...
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Taking pictures of moving objects in low light indoor settings without shake. Canon Rebel T7

I'm sort of new to photography and have been successful taking great photos during the day with good light. But anytime that I am indoors/outdoors with low light I can't seem to keep the image in my ...
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Best Lens & Camera settings for dance concert with average lighting [duplicate]

I take photos as a hobby and the last 2 years have photographed our annual dance concerts however i would love to improve the quality of my photos. I own a canon EOS 500d and would like some advice on ...
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