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Recommendations for Wireless Flash Triggers?

Currently my AB800's have a built-in optical trigger, but still requires a flash to trigger them. I'd like to move to an all wireless setup. I also have the canon ST-E2 to pair with my Sigma 500 DG ...
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What does an expensive flash unit buy over a cheap one?

General question: What will I get from an expensive flash unit, that I can't get from a cheap one? Specific example: The $250 Canon Speedlite 430EX II vs. the $50 Neewer TT560. To my naive eye, the ...
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How to get started with strobes?

I have a Canon Rebel T2i With a Kit lens and a 50mm 1.8 prime with me. I want to get started with strobes. Now the thing is, I don't have any idea about all the stuffs I'd be needing like the remotes, ...
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Is there no crossover point where shutter speed overtakes flash duration?

My understanding of flash sync is that: Up to a certain speed – apparently 1/250-1/500 for focal-plane shutters – the shutter curtains have a moment during which they are fully open. The ...
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What can I use to trigger an unmounted 430EXIII-RT?

I have a Canon EOS 6D and a Canon 430EX III-RT flash. I want to sync my flash to my camera unmounted (which doesn't have a built in flash for me to use as a master). Yet I don't want to spend around $...
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Is there a Canon equivalent of the Nikon CLS?

Does Canon have its own version of the creative lighting system?
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Setting a SB-700 as off-camera flash for D850

I have currently a Nikon D850 along with a SB-700 flash, whose main purpose is to shoot cosplays in events. I'm happy that using it on the hotshoe would get better photos than without it, but still I'...
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How does the built-in external off-camera flash control work with the Canon EOS M6?

I am trying to understand how wireless external flash works with Canon EOS M6. Manual didn't help, and the specifications just say "wireless multi-flash support". What does that mean? As far as I ...
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What kind of trigger and receiver will work with different flash brands?

I have a question for using off-camera flash for a Canon 6D. I have two flashes. One is a Canon 600EX-RT and the other is a Digitek. Can I use different brand flashes for off-camera firing? What type ...
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External Flash triggered by camera's internal trigger

I am stuck. I am starting to understand and try Flash photography with my Canon 750D. I have ordered a yongnuo 560 iv just yesterday. Now as I am tight on the budget, I have not ordered a trigger ...
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Can I use an off-camera Canon 90 EX to trigger a Canon 430 EX II?

Following on the heels of this question, I'm hoping that somebody can help me. If used with a transmitter/receiver, will the Canon 90 EX speedlite still serve as a master unit and fire a 430 EX II ...
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Which flash trigger to buy for Canon?

There's a ton of options out there. I already bought the Altura trigger set, but I realized it only works when the transmitter/receiver are put side-by-side, very inconsistent results, will only work ...
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How to fire a Pentax AF 360 FGZ flash with a canon 7D camera

I have a Pentax AF 360 FGZ flash and a Canon 7D camera. Different hardware I know. But I want to be able to fire the flash, possibly using a remote trigger that would allow me to remotely take the ...
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What do I need to consider when choosing a studio strobe?

Is the Godox AD400 a good strobe to use for school portraits? I am leaning towards this unit since it has a modeling light that can further assist with my focus. What other factors should I consider ...
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What do I need from an off-camera flash for lighting an aquarium?

Camera: Nikon D3200 The aim is to illuminate an aquarium fish, by placing the off camera flash above the aquarium. And perhaps, if money lets me, to buy another off-camera flash and place it on the ...
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