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How can I calculate the change an extension tube makes to the maximum magnification of a lens? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I calculate what the effect of an extension tube will be? My understanding is that extension tubes increase the magnification of lenses by reducing their minimum ...
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How far do I need to extend bellows to achieve particular minimum focal length [duplicate]

If I have a 200mm lens, and want to focus at, say, 450mm from the camera, two questions: can I (do I need to) use bellows to achieve this? is there a formula for how to work out how much extension I ...
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Macro Extension Tube Sizes [duplicate]

I've been researching extension tubes for macro photography and I can't quite get a handle on how the length of the extension tube, combined with the actual lens (say the standard 18mm-55mm) will work....
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What is the best focal length for using a DSLR to digitize film negatives?

I have 24-85mm zoom lens with Nikon D750. I am planning to use this setting for digitizing my B&W negative film. What's the preferred focal length to use for this purpose? People talk about ...
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What does the magnification ratio number mean on a macro lens?

I'm looking for a macro lens. I have 28-105mm Nikkor which gives me "1:2 Magnification Ratio" (whatever that means). I found another lens, Tamron 90mm Macro, which has magnification ratio of 1:1. ...
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How can I calculate magnification ratio I get by reversing a lens?

I am looking for a way to mathematically determine the maximum magnification ratio that is possible/practical to achieve by reverse mounting a non-macro lens, prior to purchasing the lens. See ...
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How Much Can Lens Magnification Be Improved Without Significantly Lowering Image Quality?

Currently I own only a 1X magnification macro lens (35mm F/2.8) but I am playing with a rented Canon MP-E 65mm lens which can go to 5X. The photography at that magnification is a world apart! The ...
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How can I calculate the effect of a supplementary close-up lens (a.k.a macro filter)?

If I have a +1, +2, +4, or +10 close-up lens which attaches to the front of my regular lens, how can I calculate its effect on close focusing distance, figure out how much magnification I can get from ...
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Do extension tubes enhance magnification on a 105mm macro lens?

I have a Nikon 105mm macro VR lens and I am quite happy with it. This is a true macro and gives me 1:1 magnification. If I put an extension tube with this macro lens, will the image magnification ...
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Should I get extension tubes or a close-up macro converter for macro photography?

I am using an Olympus EM-10 Mk2 with a Panasonic 20mm f/1.7, Olympus 45mm f/1.7 and 40-150mm. I cannot afford a good macro at the moment but really wish to get into macro photography. My choices for ...
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Can I combine extension tubes and macro filters at once to give better macros? [duplicate]

I don't have a dSLR at the moment but am planning to buy one. Wanted to know the cheaper methods to shoot in macro. Will using macro filters and extension tubes concurrently increase the efficiency of ...
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how do I get closer than 1:1 macro with my Nikon D7000 and 105mm macro lens w/ external flashes? extension tubes or reversal ring?

I have a Nikon D7000 with a Nikon 105mm macro lens along with 2 external flashes (SBR200). I use all of this to do 1:1 macro photography. I would like to do some even more magnified photography, 2:1 ...
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What are these two devices both called "macro adapters"?

I came upon a video and in it there was this what he calls a macro adapter: Raynox DCR-250. And then I searched google 'macro adapter' and saw this video and images of the same device in the first ...
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Can you turn a 60mm macro lens into a 100mm macro lens?

I have a Canon EF-S 60mm Macro lens. Can I add an extension tube or teleconverter to emulate a 100mm Macro? If not, is there a solution?
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Can I get good macro-photos with sigma 50mm 1.4 using extension tubes?

I'm interested in trying macro photography, but I don't want to invest into Macro-objectives yet. Can I get satisfying results using Kenko extension tubes in combination with a Sigma 50mm art 1.4? ...
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