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Why no raw channel histograms? [duplicate]

I understand the basic logic of providing histograms of JPEGs. The sensor pixel values get combined, processed, interpreted as a color, then broken out into new RGB values. So, if you were to give the ...
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Good examples of RAW's advantages over JPEG?

I'm curious to see some real examples of where simply capturing the same photo in RAW (and being processed by someone who can do it justice) has significantly improved the photo at the end of the ...
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What is Universal White Balance (UniWB)?

How and in what kind of situations should it be used?
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How does RAW prevent "ugly digital clipping"?

In another answer user Ilmari writes, in the context of preventing overexposure: In general, I would also recommend always shooting RAW, both to better capture the full dynamic range of your ...
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Qualitywise, is there any downside to overexposing an image (within the dynamic range of the camera)?

If i underexpose an image and have to crank up the exposure in post, this will also amplify the noise, resulting in a lower quality image. In this case, it would've been better to expose correctly ...
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Why don't cameras show an "accurate" histogram?

Why don't cameras show a histogram based on the RAW data rather than on the JPG preview? I know that a RAW file is not a viewable image and can't be displayed without applying curves and defining how ...
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Are paler raw images normal for a newer sensor with higher dynamic range?

I started photography with the Canon EOS M (the very first in the M series). Recently I bought the Canon EOS M6 and of course now I try to compare the two image quality wise. To my surprise, although ...
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How do I find the right white balance value to set in my camera?

As I understand White Balancing means - making a particular color look as it should have been irrespective of what color the Ambient Light is. i.e A white paper must look white not blueish grey(cool) ...
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Is there a performance penalty by using dual cards in a camera?

I've recently upgraded to a camera that has dual cards and plan to make use of it by mirroring to both cards. As the camera theoretically has to make the double amount of writes, is there a ...
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Why does the quality of photos shot in RAW change after a few seconds when viewing them on a computer?

I have been taking a photo class for the past month or so and the professor told us to shoot in raw for a few assignments. When I view the pictures shot in RAW (on a canon rebel t7) on my computer, ...
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Opening NEF files on windows initially open fine but then change contrast

I have a strange issue with Windows 10 When I open .nef files they load fine. However after a second or two the contrast changes noticeably. I tried ...
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Why does NEF file get washed out/highlights while my JPG look normal? [duplicate]

TLDR. is just the title. I know nothing about photography, sorry. My dad has a d90 he never uses, so I use it to take photos when I need them for something. Anyways, I put it on raw mode. when I ...
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Is the Preview file always the photo taken by the camera?

When I take a photo with a digital camera (I own many*), I can preview it with the ▶︎ button. However, sometimes, cameras will displays a Preview photo that seems of a different quality than the ...
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Why and how capturing RAW image instead of JPEG helps with editing [duplicate]

Often I heard photographers say that RAW is used for editing photos. I have used Adobe Photoshop Lightroom before and I don't see how capturing RAW helps. Can anyone explain how capturing RAW helps ...
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How to replicate the higlight protection of an iPhone using a DSLR?

When taking photos with my iPhone, the phone's camera does a great job of protecting the highlights from blowing out. When using my Canon 5D mark ii, on the other hand, it seems to map a much narrower ...
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