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What tools are available for RAW image processing in Linux?

I have been taking photographs with RAW format. What tools are available for working with RAW under Linux?
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What's the difference between saturation and vibrance in Lightroom?

Both options affect colors in a similar way, but I can't figure out the difference.
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What are the alternatives to Photoshop? Is Gimp a good option?

It seems that Photoshop is the dominant software in that space, however I am a hobbyist photographer and Photoshop is not cheap. Is there anything else that compares and that does not have such a high ...
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Is there an equivalent to Adobe's "Vibrance" in Gimp?

See: What's the difference between saturation and vibrance in Lightroom? In a nutshell, Adobe's Vibrance is a "smart" color adjustment that increases saturation selectively, leaving skin tones ...
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Is Adobe Photoshop worth the money?

I am starting to invest a little more money into my photography business. I've gone from a hobbyist to being asked to take professional shots, so I have the lights and other equipment. I'm upgrading ...
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How do color spaces like sRGB and Adobe RGB overlap?

Is sRGB included in Adobe RGB, and Adobe RGB included in ProPhoto RGB? Meaning that a photo in a "lower space" will look like exactly the same in a "higher space", e.g. a sRGB photo will look like ...
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How to postprocess photos with lots of blue haze?

I was in Northern Italy, and made some pictures there (with emphasis on sentimental value, not trying to do big art). Something I noticed both in real life and on the pictures is that the blue haze of ...
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How can I approximate 'soft focus' digitally?

In a previous question about soft lenses, it was suggested that much of the current practices regarding soft focus involve selectively soft focusing certain parts of the image and mattdm suggests its ...
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What are non-destructive edits and do they exist?

This is going to be somewhat provocative and more about terms and definitions, so if you feel it should be closed or moved to meta, vote so. To the question - there is a lot of talk about non-...
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How to make a 3d model from an object in a photograph?

This is my sofa : I want to make a 3D model in order to apply different patterns in post-processing; see How can I wrap a new pattern around a 3D object in a photograph? The blue area indicates ...
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Does Gimp have a Match Color function similar to that in Adobe Photoshop?

In a recent question, Steve Ross points out that Adobe Photoshop has a useful feature for matching color between photographs. Of course, color adjustment can be accomplished in Gimp with careful use ...
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How to create the equivalent of an Adjustment Layer in an editor that does not support it?

As a user of GIMP I tried to understand what Photoshop's Adjustment Layers are, without actually using PS. My understanding is that GIMP does not yet support AL (is this correct?). So, trying to ...
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Techniques to pull skin tones out of the shadows?

What are some good workflows and methods for pulling skin tones out of the shadow and preserving tonality? I took a couple shots during a sunrise and did not want to blind riders (who had been riding ...
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Are there any good open source noise removal tools?

In particular that run natively on Linux.
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How can I fix the color of blue photos using settings from "good" photos?

Imagine how photos with a bad blue filter look. I can recolor those pictures with the color filters from any image manipulation program like gimp. Now my question is: can I "grab" the right settings ...
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