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Are there any downsides to using a good-quality UV filter?

Are there any real downsides to using a UV filter? I know that a poor quality UV filter can effect image quality ... but, assuming I use a good quality UV filter, will that actually be an issue? Is ...
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How can I create this 'medieval look' using an entry-level camera like the Nikon D3300?

How do recreate pictures like the ones below? They all appear to be lit a certain way. The colors are all very similar, with an overall dark, brooding aspect to them. The backgrounds are heavily ...
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Is a UV Filter required/recommended for lens protection?

Is it still required/highly recommended that I buy a UV or similar filter to 'protect' the front element of my lens? I ask because this advice has been around for 30 years and you would think that ...
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Is a UV filter better for lens protection than a protector filter?

I'm usually very good at getting water/finger marks on lens, so I must use something for protection. Is there any downside of using an UV filter instead of a protector filter? Example: Hoya HD ...
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Should I put UV filter to protect the lens even if I put a lens hood?

That's pretty it, usually you buy a UV filter to protect the lens. My question is do I need the UV filter even if I'm using a lens hood?
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What filter do you use for concert, low light photography?

What filter do you use for concert, low light photography? I'm buying a Nikon F mount 24-70 and not sure what type of filter? Clear, UV?
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is uv filter a must? [duplicate]

I am using panasonic 25mm 1.7 lens in olympus omd-em10 ii body. Neither of them have a uv coating. Will it hurt lens/processor health if I use it without filter?
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UV Filter vs. Lens Hood

I have a step up ring for my filters that makes me able to use either my lens hood or my filters, but not both. I tried taking pictures with a UV filter and Hood separately but I don't have a good ...
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Do I need a UV filter? [duplicate]

I'm an amateur and I'm buying a Nikon D5200. What exactly are filters used for? Do I need one for basic nature photography?
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What type of effects can I obtain with UV, FLD, CPL filters if any?

Can someone give me examples and show the difference. I obtained these from amazon. I have played with them for a little while and I am not impressed/bought yet. UV filter has no affect other than ...
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What are best brands and (side) effects of UV filters?

I just bought a Canon T2i and I'm concerned that I need a UV filter (for protection) and I have some questions. What are the best brands of filters? What (side)effects filters brings to the table? ...
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How do I evaluate photo accessories bundled with a camera? [duplicate]

So I am somewhat of a beginner photographer and this will be my very first DSLR purchase. I have taken photography classes in which I've used really older models of DSLR but that was about 10 years ...
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What filter size for a Canon PowerShot SX430 IS?

What size lens filter do I need for a Canon PowerShot SX430 IS? I have a 40.5mm UV filter, but it does not fit.
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Do cameras actively filter out UV light, or only infrared?

I know that a camera has a filter in front of the sensor to limit incoming light to the visible spectrum, to replicate what a human eye can see. But wherever I look on the internet, I always read ...
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Nikon D3300 DSLR newbie: Which circular polariser [duplicate]

I am a newbie at DSLR photography and still trying to get my head around the various filters one can buy. I currently have the default 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-P VR Lens and the Tamron 70-300mm Lens. I ...
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