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I will be going to a beach location and there will be opportunities for some good sunsets. I have a Canon 600D with 2 lenses and wanted to know the range for ISO and aperture settings. I am doing ...
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What are the best camera setting to take a sunrise? [duplicate]

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Best way to photograph a sunset [duplicate]

What are the best settings to photograph a sunset ?
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How should I go about finding awesome locations for landscape shots?

As is often the case, after graduating, I moved to a part of the country that I didn't really grow up in or know, and as such I don't really know all the great picturesque scenes, other than those I'...
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How can you tell when a sunset is going to be spectacular?

I have a spot that I like to take sunset pictures. I find that the most spectacular moments last for only maybe 5-10 minutes. What I would like to do is know about a half hour before that a sunset is ...
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How to maximise contrast range of distant landscapes with blue haze?

Distant landscapes often appear hazy, washed-out and blue due to Rayleigh scattering. What can be done to maximise the contrast range of the exposure when photographing such scenes? For example: ...
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What are good online or DVD tutorials for my new DSLR? [closed]

I recently purchased Nikon D7000 and would like to learn how to use it properly and want to learn photography using it. Can anyone suggest good online tutorials which I can look at or any DVDs which I ...
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how to take sun photo in afternoon?

Capturing sun photo is very hard as it is very bright(3PM). I used below settings on my nikon3300 but still i'm not able to capture the sun photo. Aperture:32 ,ISO:100, stutter speed :4000 My ...
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How do I take good portraits with a bridge camera and superzoom?

I'm an absolute beginner with regards to photography. I did some research on portrait photography today. From what I learned, a long-telephoto lens (70mm-135mm or more focal length (35mm equivalent)...
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What are the optimal settings to photograph moon/dawn/sunrise/dusk/sunset? [duplicate]

I just got a new camera, a Canon EOS Rebel xti and I am still learning what it can do. What setting or ISO should I use to take a photo of a moon (with/without landscape)? And what setting or ISO do I ...
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Newbie need help with sunrise photos

I just got an Autel Evo 2 drone to get angles I cant obtain by foot since I'm disabled. It's supposed to be a very good camera. It has a few settings, but I'm new to camera settings anyway. My last ...
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How to achieve sunset shots without a silhouetted foreground

What settings are recommended for shots of the sunset/ sunrise without having the foreground objects silhouetted? Or is it only achievable by stacking multiple images in Photoshop?
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