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If image I change an image from 72dpi to 300dpi, can I scale it up size without losing quality? [duplicate]

Title says it all. When I change my image from 72dpi to 300dpi, the image gets smaller. Can I scale the image back up and print it out at 300dpi without sacrificing quality?
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How do I generate high quality prints with an ink jet printer?

Creating high-quality photo prints using an ink jet printer is no trivial matter. Depending on the tonal range and color depth desired and the expected viewing platform, how you approach printing may ...
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Does the dpi number reported by camera in JPG have any meaning?

I have two cameras, a 6mpix Panasonic FZ8, and 14mpix Canon A2200. When I compare shots from two cameras, one of differences I notice is dpi number that camera reports in JPG info: FZ8 reports dpi=...
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How large an image do I need to print a 32″ by 18″ poster at 300 DPI?

I need to have an image printed as a poster 32″ by 18″ (about 80x45 cm) at 300 DPI, but I am unsure of how big the file must be. Also, what file format is best?
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Trying to print A1 size paper, but confused over dpi/resolution settings

I would like to print something on A1 size paper, and just opened my Photoshop to edit the picture and I am confused about somethings. I found online which size to choose, but other than that all the ...
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How does PPI relate to DPI in photo metadata?

I have been asked to provide pictures in JPEG format at a resolution of 300DPI. My computer give me a picture sizes in kilobytes and Photoscape the photo editing package that I use, converts ...
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Print Settings from Lightroom 4

I always have a hard time when preparing my photos for printing at a lab; especially large format. I wanted to print out an 11"H x 14"W recently and I started reading and reading and reading. ...
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DPI in photos vs DPI in Printers/Scanners [duplicate]

When I look at the properties of a JPEG shot on my Canon 5D MkIII (set to the highest quality settings on the camera), i've noticed that the 'Horizontal/Vertical Resolution is 72 DPI' My only ...
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Cropping and printing

I want to crop and print a raw file that is 5184 x 3456. I am using PS Elements to edit. I used the crop tool (aspect ratio) and set the dimensions to 20 (w) x 16 (h). Nor sure what to set the ...
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Will resizing JPEGs result in a compromise in my image?

I have several images for print, and only after deleting the original RAW files did I remember I needed to resize the images for print. Will resizing JPEGs result in a compromise in my image? They ...
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