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How to achieve sharp focus on two subjects in a portrait with low depth of field? [duplicate]

I prefer to have a very narrow depth of field. Whenever I am focusing for portraits of too people standing near to each other, the focus-point-selected person is sharp, while the person standing next ...
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How to focus on multiple object of interest [duplicate]

I have a Nikon D5300. Mode: Manual ISO: 100 (Bright Daylight) Aperture: f/5.3 Shutter:1/80 Lens: 70-300mm I am trying to find a way to focus on multiple objects, in my case, a bouquet of flowers. ...
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Where to focus when taking a portrait of 2 people? [duplicate]

Could someone please tell me where to focus when taking a portrait picture of a couple who are standing next to each other. Thank You
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Travel arrangements with Sigma Lenses? [duplicate]

I know there are a lot of threads on travel photography, I read some, but found that most are out of date, however, manufacturers kept innovating, and that starts to confuse a lot of newbies like me. ...
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How can I take a photo with everything in focus with my DSLR?

I am quite new to DSLRs and one of the first things I noticed was the incredible focus points and appearance of depth that you can achieve. That is great in a lot of scenarios, but not in all. When ...
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What is the formula for determining where infinity focus begins?

I'm having difficulty find any info on determining where infinity focus begins. I'm assuming there's a formula involving focal length and... Can anyone help?
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How can I get crisp, clear product photography with everything in focus?

I'm guessing the answer to this question might be "the lens", but being a newbie in photography maybe that's too predictable... Alright, so I am shooting some handbags, and I am trying to replicate ...
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How can I get infinity focus, both including the moon and a tree in the foreground?

I'm trying to take photos of the moon with other objects in the foreground but I can't seem to get both in focus. How far do I have to be from the tree to have pan focus (foreground and background in ...
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Aperture priority mode in high speed lens while photographing more than one person

I use 50mm f/1.8 lens(with Canon T3i) for portraiture. It's quite easy when only one subject is involved :Open the aperture wide, focus on the eyes(most of the times) and you get a nice portrait. How ...
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Is it possible to use more than one focus point on the Nikon D3200? [closed]

When focussing with the D3200, is it possible to select more than one focus point? If so, how?
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Focus distance and infinity

When I play with M12 lenses (board lenses. Fixed fl. Aperture) , I can focus them to a distance and they have a certain depth of field. Objects within the Delta of field looks sharp. Can these lenses ...
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