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How to get this washed out look in lightroom [duplicate]

How to get this low contrast washed flared look for portraits in lightroom
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Can you help identify this common style of photo editing, it's like a faded style? [duplicate]

These 2 photos below have a similar editing style, which I'm trying to identify. They're all like faded out and slightly bland/muted in colour, which I really like. Any ideas?
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How is this faded out look achieved? [duplicate]

I'll do my best to describe it; a kind of faded out look, the focus seems right but still the image looks like it was shot in light fog. Is there a name for "that look" and how is it usually achieved? ...
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How do I get a "Film" look with a digital camera? [closed]

What can I do, in terms of lightning, to make Digital look like Film? By that I mean a "dreamy" sort of look. Does it has to do with the color temperature? the setup?
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How can I achieve this brownish look?

I've been trying to achieve this look for some time, but I'm stuck :(. Starting with the camera, I heard that maybe adjusting the WB to cloudy? And the metering to spot metering? I mainly use ...
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How to I edit a photo to have a old vintage look?

How to I edit a photo to have a old vintage look? I'm looking to achieve this sorta of vintage film like look. I'm looking for a way to achieve this without purchasing a "auto" effect program by using ...
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How to achieve a retro-elegant, faded, low-contrast look?

How can I achieve a retro-elegant, faded, low-contrast, look, as seen in photos by Samuel Elkins? Assuming this is done in Lightroom or Photoshop, I suspect photographer uses a preset because he has ...
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How can I achieve a soft but detailed film look digitally? [closed]

Wonderful photo of the streets of Athens I found. I'm an amateur photographer curious to learn how to make my digital photos (Canon Rebel T3i) look more like film. Like this photo here, it has that ...
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how to achieve this washed out processing effect

this photo from unsplash has an interesting effect. it's hazy and washed out and has this cinematic effect. I have not seen the original but i am guessing it would be a lot more clear. how could ...
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What is the style of photography employed by Ka Xiaoxi?

The photos by Chinese pro photographer Ka Xiaoxi in this article seem to all have a very bright harsh flash going off. (More work by the same artist for Nike; also see his web site.) Typically for my ...
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Is there a term for photos with a cold, yet relaxing, feeling to them?

What do we call such type of photos where it is always kinda gray, has a cold feeling and relaxing feeling to it, and is most likely going to be in a northern country like Sweden or Canada? I'm ...
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How do I give my photos the same dreamlike effect as this photographer?

I've always found this photographer's images very intriguing and have recently been curious as to how she took and/or edited them. Can you explain how this effect would be achieved via both of these ...
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