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Why are Red, Green, and Blue the primary colors of light?

Colors don't have to be a mixture of red, green, and blue because visible light can be any wavelengths in the 390nm-700nm range. Do primary colors really exist in the real world? Or did we select red, ...
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What would happen if a camera used entirely different primary colors?

So, as many people know, humans have three cones cells, enabling us to see three distinct "primary" colors, which may combine to form the entire spectrum that we are capable of seeing. Meanwhile, many ...
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Do smartphones suffer from degrees of chromatic aberration? If so, how is it possible?

Smartphone imaging sensors are usually Bayer sensors which have a color filter array on top of each pixel, so each pixel ultimately captures one of red, green or blue colors of light. In that case, ...
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What is this called and what causes it? Bright highlights along contrasting edges

I've been looking at some sample photos from different mobile phones and I've noticed some of them have this weird feature: edges where contrasting colors meet have an additional glow. Presumably this ...
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How sharp are RAW photos before processing?

Are RAW images by nature slightly blurry prior to processing? If I open them up in Lightroom and zoom into the photo, my photos are not tack sharp but a bit blurry. Once I process, it comes out ...
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6500k calibrated monittor - what are the RGB values to represent a given monochromatic radiation of known wavelength?

Say I've calibrated a monitor to the standard 6500k 2.2 gamma, and the color space is sRGB. On this monitor, I would like to have a reasonably accurate representation of a monochromatic radiation (...
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Megapixel number - how many sub pixels? [duplicate]

I read conflicting information about the megapixel - subpixel relationship when it comes to sensors in digital cameras. I read that megapixel is number of sub pixels and I also read megapixel is ...
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How can a camera pick up and process colors?

How does a camera/AI/ robotics process and determine the color of a specific object ?
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Pixels and photodiodes

A photodiode is the smallest element of a digital sensor, while a pixel is the smallest piece of information in a digital image. I wonder if the two terms can be used interchangeably or there are some ...
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Why do pure colors (red/green/blue) become a mixture of colors when converting raw?

In trying to understand how raw is converted, I created a synthetic raw image that has a red, green and blue gradient strip, with a gamma of 2.2 (dng). I made the synthetic raw by converting an image ...
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Why do typical imaging sensor colour filter spectral responses differ so much from the human eye spectral response?

It is commonly stated that the spectral response of RGB colour imaging sensors (CIS) is chosen to match that of the human eye. While this is roughly true, when you examine this claim in detail it is ...
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Are RAW images really RAW? [duplicate]

I am trying to find references on processing carried out inside the camera before the image is stored in RAW format. I am quite sure that some denoising is performed at the hardware level after the ...
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How to get Shotwell to see Rawtherapee edits to RAW images?

I am trying out a workflow in Linux where I use Shotwell for image management, and Rawtherapee as the editor. If I view an image in Shotwell, and choose "Open in RAW Editor", make an edit, then go ...
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Why does the green gain affect the blue and red values on a CMOS sensor with individual gain control?

I'm taking pictures of little surfaces (5 x 5 Millimeters) in an experimental setup with an ids camera that contains a cmos sensor. Afterwards the pictures are split into the 3 color channels (red, ...
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Is it true that a camera sensor will never receive an RGB value of R 0 G 255 B 0?

I read this: "there are no green colors whatsoever which do not also stimulate your red or blue cells, or even ...
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