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How do I get a colored sky instead of black for stars photo? [duplicate]

How do I get a colored sky instead of black for stars photo? I recently took a long exposure night shot and it looked great but the sky is basically black with white stars. I've seen some amazing ...
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How do I capture the milky way?

Can the milky way actually be photographed like this? I know the image is manipulated, and is probably a composite, but how do you capture such contrast in the milky way? Is an equitorially mounted ...
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What kind of camera do I need to capture deep space images?

By deep space image, I mean below kind. In the background it is space dust, I think. Is it dependent on camera or location? If on camera, what kind of cameras are capable to capture this kind of ...
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How to avoid star-trails [duplicate]

I have a Nikon D3300 and I want to do astro-photography. I have a 50mm prime lens and by the 500 Rule, I can click only up to 6.6 seconds without having star trails. Any idea how I can do it without ...
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How to set white balance in a photo of stars?

Just as in camera menu, there is WB presets available in RAW processing. Those include daylight, cloudy, shade, flash, fluorescent, etc. And of course Auto and custom settings. When processing my ...
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How can I capture an image like the stars over a landscape as in the Ubuntu Forever wallpaper?

I am new to photography. I like the Ubuntu 14.04 forever wallpaper the most. I am interested in developing similar photography (or a similar technique, if any). How can this be accomplished? Does ...
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Milky Way with a cell phone, how is this possible?

The 9to5Google article Exclusive: Official Pixel 4 camera samples show astrophotography, selfies, more [Gallery] shows some surprisingly nice (at least to me) photos of the Milky Way. Every phone ...
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How can I improve my milky way photographs?

I am new to the astrophotography world. My camera is a Canon SL2 and I use a Tokina 11-16mm trying to shoot the milky way at 14mm I noticed that my milky way shots do not look remotely close to some ...
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Why is my nighttime sky image so poor (few stars and a yellow glow)?

I am new to astrophotography and I take most of my pictures at around 11pm, which is reasonably dark. The only lights which are on near me are street lights and they are behind trees. I am struggling ...
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What attributes of a bridge camera are most important for astrophotography?

I am planning to take a bridge camera, which apart from the usual personal events usage would be used for astrophotography. I have seen the models and most of them have decent zoom to start off with. ...
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How could I have improved post-processing on this Milky Way shot?

Last week I went about 40 minutes north of St. Louis to Pere Marquette state park with my family. We went out to watch the meteor shower, and I tried to set up to take some Milky Way shots. I ran ...
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Making photos of Milky way

I'm new in this photography thing. I have a mission that I want to take photo of the milky way. Can someone assist me to do so? I try using the tips from the internet, but no luck. Maybe the light ...
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How to set exposure for photographing the milky way?

I want to photograph the milky way but have had troubles with ambient light. The first attempt suffered from streetlights. The second attempt away from streetlights suffered from full moon which I ...
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