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Software application(s) for organizing a large number of old pictures [duplicate]

I have about ~40,000 files (~200 GB) of photos on the hard drive (JPG with metadata, from different cameras). I used to use Picasa before, but when I had to switch to a new computer a few years ago, ...
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Tool for organising my photos? [duplicate]

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Photo management software [duplicate]

Recently, my collection of photos from the past years has jumped over the limit of 7 Gb. And it is starting to be increasingly difficult to maintain, or to search through, so I've decided to invest in ...
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What is a good software for creating an archive of photos? [duplicate]

I've got about 9'000 family photos already (made with my own camera over the last 10 years), plus I'm about to start scanning grandma's archive of physical photos (several hundred more). So I'm ...
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How can I manage my raw+jpeg files?

I shoot in raw+jpeg mode. Mainly because I like to do post processing, but my wife doesn't wan't to be bothered with that. She likes to be able to take the photo and upload it to facebook without any ...
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What free/cheap software would help me wade through 3,000 photos?

I recently went on a 2 week holiday and I took about 3,000 photos (I'm a sucker for taking photos in bursts of 3 or so to catch motion) I'm looking for some software that will let me sift through ...
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What photography workflow software can be kept on a central server?

At my company we do a lot of photo shoots for our products, at the moment we just organize the photo per photo shoot but with this system its hard to recover a photo of a product, you have to go over ...
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What is a Picasa alternative for posting to a website?

My love/hate relationship with Picasa just permanently tipped to hate I'm afraid. For no reason I can discern Picasa decided I didn't really mean to add yesterday's photos to an album and right in ...
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Multi user access cataloging system?

I am running a studio of 6 artists and I am looking for a solution to organize images essentially exactly like lightroom does but that can be accessed simultaneously by all of the artists. I know that ...
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Photo sorting software / method / workflow [closed]

Finally went with a DSLR, Nikon D5100 after deliberating for a few years. (Not that I was in a hurry – I don't particularly need a DLSR but really like to take photographs, so time wasn't an issue.) ...
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How to organize photos efficiently (in terms of 'naming', 'tagging' and FOSS)?

I have thousands of photos in multiple directories. Any tool or idea to organize them properly will be helpful. Here is the details: I have been ignorant all along about organizing those until ...
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