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How can I photograph welding?

My partner is creating a sculptural work using MIG welding and has asked me to document the process. I have a few questions regarding how to photograph it? Looking at the arc can damage your eye-...
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What are the pros and cons of mechanical vs electronic shutter?

I recently bought a new camera that has a choice between using a mechanical shutter or an electronic shutter. (A Panasonic FZ300 if it matters.) I tried taking a few pictures each way and I see no ...
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Can it be dangerous to look at the sun through the viewfinder?

A few minutes ago I went outside to take a panorama on my lawn with my DSLR, but I accidentally looked at the sun through the viewfinder. Is that dangerous? I just saw a black spot for about 30 ...
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What kind of filter do I need for safe sun photography?

I'm a novice photographer but I'm really interested in Astrophotography. Since I don't want to go full equipment, spending too much, without knowing the basis, I need to ask for help here on Stack. I ...
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How many pictures can you take with a Sony mirrorless camera before the sensor fails? [duplicate]

What is the frames limit of the mirrorless cameras sensor? When should it be changed (for example on the Sony a6000 series or on the Sony a7)?
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How to fix an image sensor damaged by long sun exposures?

I took a number of shots of the sun during mid-afternoon and now all my images have pink spot where the sun was. Is there anyway to fix this, or is it permanently damaged? The camera was pointed at ...
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How to take photos of a solar eclipse without damaging one's eyes or camera?

This upcoming May parts of the USA will experience a solar eclipse. So this leads to me wondering how you photograph the sun/solar eclipses and ensure that you do not damage the camera (or your eyes)?...
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Do I need a special filter to shoot candles without damaging my sensor?

The guy from the photo shop pointed out to me that I need special filters if I want to shoot directly to the sun with long exposures in order to not ruin the sensor. Is this the same when I shoot ...
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Can a camera or lens get burn in?

I took a picture of the sun today, and I was thinking about how the sun can damage your eye, I was wondering if the camera or lens could get damaged by this, or get burn in like some screens do?
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How long is too long to leave the shutter open before prolonged exposure to light damages the sensor?

I'm about to start exploring the world of long exposure shots, using my Canon EOS M. The camera has a standard max exposure time of 30 seconds, but in bulb mode I can keep the shutter open ...
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Can the sun damage the sensor on a mirrorless camera?

I'm researching a good technique for taking pics of the upcoming solar eclipse and I want to use my Sony NEX-6 mirrorless camera. I found this question here from 2010 but no one brings up mirrorless ...
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At which focal lengths is it ‘safe’ to have the sun in frame?

I've seen both beautiful wide angle pictures that include the sun as well as camera damage from pointing long lenses at the sun. At which focal lengths is it safe to have the sun in frame? assuming ...
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Do I still need filters for photographing landscape under an eclipse, if I'm not zooming in on the sun itself?

Context: I find myself due to be in the path of the upcoming annular solar eclipse. This was unplanned and I am unable to get a proper filter delivered on time. The general consensus on the internet ...
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Do you need a solar filter for a wide-angle camera?

I'm trying to photograph the eclipse and we already have a solar filter for our telephoto lens. However, we have two cameras so we might as well use them. I've spent a fair amount of time searching ...
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Why don't most compacts have manual controls?

Can anyone please explain to me, why most recent compact-cameras (even by professional manufacturers like Nikon or Canon) don't have options for manual shutter/aperture-control? All they have are ...
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