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What does an image from sun-damaged sensor actually look like?

There is obviously a great concern on the Net about getting ones image sensor sun damaged. I am getting interested in what such damage would look like. I have Googled around some to try to find an ...
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Shooting Solar Eclipse with an ND 100000 Marumi - Mirrorless Camera

My gear: Sony Alpha A6400 (1.5x crop) Mirrorless Camera, Sony 70-200mm f2.8 G lens @ 200mm (300mm after crop), Marumi ND 100,000 Filter. The mirrorless camera does not have a mirror in front of its ...
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Does time lapse of the sun damage the auto-focus sensors or components of a DSLR?

This question is not about the main imaging sensor, but about the autofocus sensors and circuits on a DSLR. I read that sunlight may damage the shutter or the main sensor. But when using the DSLR, ...
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Is there any camera safety precautions i should keep in mind when taking long exposure photographs of the night sky?

I plan to take long exposure photos of the night sky, anywhere between 1-2 mins to 8-10 mins ( i will figure out the exact time through trial and error ). Is there any specific precautions i should ...
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How do I get this sun-flare from behind my shoulder?

I got out of the car to take a landscape picture with my ipad-mini-2. HDR was on. Afterwards, I hit auto-enhance and cropped it. Surprise, the sun photo-bombed my shot! I didn't plan that when I took ...
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Will sun damage to a sensor create an unusual amount of noise in images?

Recently I was playing with my Sony α6000 camera, taking some shots of birds in the morning and also the sun. It was after taking the shots that I stumbled upon the fact on the internet that sun ...
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How safe is it to photograph sunset or sunrise? [duplicate]

I took the following photographs of sunset at beach. I know that photographing sun could damage the camera or even eyes, but the intensity of the sun light at the time I captured it was so weak that I ...
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Camera sensor and sun

I'm a new photographer and yesterday someone told me that I should never point my camera (I have a mirrorless camera) toward the sun as this can damage the sensor. I went back and checked and I saw ...
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Can it damage eyes and camera when taking photo from Nikon Coolpix B500 during 90-95% solar eclipse?

I'm thinking to take a picture after 2 hours. I don't have any filters and eclipse glasses. All I have a point and shoot camera (Nikon B500 with around 40X zoom). So if I use full zoom, and don't ...
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Can a camera really "ignite"?

I read this scary warning in a camera manual: Do not point the lens attached to the camera toward the sun. This may cause the camera to malfunction or even ignite due to the magnifying effect of ...
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Can I damage my Sony a6300 sensor if the sun is in my photo? [duplicate]

I took a few photos this weekend of a mountain range, and the sun was up above them, off to the top right for most of the photos. I was taking these photos (moving the angle around and whatnot) for ...
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Protecting from sun when taking pictures [duplicate]

I've read that taking picture of the sun without protection is a recipe for trouble both for the lens and for the shooter's eyes... I took this kind of picture this morning, do you think it's ...
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Can I take pictures of the sun without damaging anything? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can the sun damage the camera sensor? Under what conditions? .. and by that I mean not damaging : my eyesight my camera my lens I imagine a proper ND filter could allow me ...
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Could I have destroyed my Lumix GX80 by taking sun photos?

So I shooted architecture photos during a cloudy day but the lighting was very bright and you could see sun directly in some moments. I was shooting and I noticed that I needed to adjust aperture (...
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Is exposing my DSLR to a very intense source of direct light bad? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Can the sun damage the camera sensor? Under what conditions? Can a laser pointer damage the sensor in a digital camera? I'm wondering (mainly out of curiosity) if it is ...
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