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Could I have destroyed my Lumix GX80 by taking sun photos?

So I shooted architecture photos during a cloudy day but the lighting was very bright and you could see sun directly in some moments. I was shooting and I noticed that I needed to adjust aperture (...
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Camera sensor and sun

I'm a new photographer and yesterday someone told me that I should never point my camera (I have a mirrorless camera) toward the sun as this can damage the sensor. I went back and checked and I saw ...
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Does focal length correlate to the required ND filter in sun photography?

I got my hands on an M42 500mm lens and want to try sun photography. I also have a 2x and a 3x converter, thus I'm able to get a focal length range of 500-3000mm. Back in the day I bought a Baader ...
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Is there any camera safety precautions i should keep in mind when taking long exposure photographs of the night sky?

I plan to take long exposure photos of the night sky, anywhere between 1-2 mins to 8-10 mins ( i will figure out the exact time through trial and error ). Is there any specific precautions i should ...
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Is this a good rule to know when I can shoot the sun? "if the sun is not too bright to look at with naked eye, then it's not too bright for a DSLR" [duplicate]

Most of what I have read about this, say that whether or not the sun is bright enough to harm the DSLR, depends on a lot of factors e.g. time of day, cloud cover etc. What setting aperture, shutter ...
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What are the pros and cons of mechanical vs electronic shutter?

I recently bought a new camera that has a choice between using a mechanical shutter or an electronic shutter. (A Panasonic FZ300 if it matters.) I tried taking a few pictures each way and I see no ...
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Can it damage eyes and camera when taking photo from Nikon Coolpix B500 during 90-95% solar eclipse?

I'm thinking to take a picture after 2 hours. I don't have any filters and eclipse glasses. All I have a point and shoot camera (Nikon B500 with around 40X zoom). So if I use full zoom, and don't ...
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Do I still need filters for photographing landscape under an eclipse, if I'm not zooming in on the sun itself?

Context: I find myself due to be in the path of the upcoming annular solar eclipse. This was unplanned and I am unable to get a proper filter delivered on time. The general consensus on the internet ...
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Can it be dangerous to look at the sun through the viewfinder?

A few minutes ago I went outside to take a panorama on my lawn with my DSLR, but I accidentally looked at the sun through the viewfinder. Is that dangerous? I just saw a black spot for about 30 ...
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Shooting Solar Eclipse with an ND 100000 Marumi - Mirrorless Camera

My gear: Sony Alpha A6400 (1.5x crop) Mirrorless Camera, Sony 70-200mm f2.8 G lens @ 200mm (300mm after crop), Marumi ND 100,000 Filter. The mirrorless camera does not have a mirror in front of its ...
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What kind of filter do I need for safe sun photography?

I'm a novice photographer but I'm really interested in Astrophotography. Since I don't want to go full equipment, spending too much, without knowing the basis, I need to ask for help here on Stack. I ...
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Does time lapse of the sun damage the auto-focus sensors or components of a DSLR?

This question is not about the main imaging sensor, but about the autofocus sensors and circuits on a DSLR. I read that sunlight may damage the shutter or the main sensor. But when using the DSLR, ...
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How many pictures can you take with a Sony mirrorless camera before the sensor fails? [duplicate]

What is the frames limit of the mirrorless cameras sensor? When should it be changed (for example on the Sony a6000 series or on the Sony a7)?
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At which focal lengths is it ‘safe’ to have the sun in frame?

I've seen both beautiful wide angle pictures that include the sun as well as camera damage from pointing long lenses at the sun. At which focal lengths is it safe to have the sun in frame? assuming ...
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Can Low speed shutter damage Camera in Bright light?

Can low speed shutter like 20sec in "Bright Light Condition" Damage the Camera? "Bright light condition" mean artificial lights and Indirect sunlight. Just like a picture tooked in a bright room with ...
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